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Online programmaboek ‘Illuminate’

Online programmaboek



Beste bezoekers,

Welkom bij Illuminate, het eerste NDT 2-programma van dit seizoen, waarin we drie opkomende choreografen in de schijnwerpers zetten.

Met veel plezier introduceren we een nieuw gezicht bij NDT: Micaela Taylor, choreograaf en artistiek directeur van haar gezelschap TL Collective. Met Lights, Camera, Dismantled worden we meegezogen in Taylors unieke en expressieve bewegingstaal, die de aandacht vestigt op de thema’s macht en aandacht en de potentiële destructieve gevolgen daarvan voor dit nieuwe werk.

Na een bijzondere samenwerking in 2022 met Up & Coming Choreographers hebben we Jermaine Spivey uitgenodigd om een uitgebreide versie van zijn werk Code of Conduct te maken. Hoe voelt, klinkt en ziet participatie eruit? Hoe stimuleert onze perceptie van tijd betrokkenheid? In zijn creatie probeert Jermaine lichamelijkheid te definiëren door middel van choreografische en geïmproviseerde structuren die de dansers in verschillende staten van zijn, niets, iets, plaatsen.

Bedtime story, een werk dat in 2021 voor NDT 2 werd gecreëerd door een opwindende nieuwe stem, choreograaf Nadav Zelner, sluit de avond af. Met dit werk nodigt Zelner ons uit in een fantasiewereld die speelt op de grenzen van de verbeelding. Door zijn betoverende en razendsnelle vocabulaire is Bedtime story een meeslepende belichaming van de dromer die in ons allen schuilt.

Veel dank aan Micaela, Jermaine en Nadav, maar ook aan onze geïnspireerde medewerkers en het fantastische team van NDT voor het realiseren van dit programma.

We kijken ernaar uit om jullie het hele seizoen te mogen verwelkomen. Veel plezier!

Emily Molnar
Artistiek directeur

'Codes Of Conduct' - Jermaine Spivey. Foto: Rahi Rezvani

Lights, Camera, Dismantled

Micaela Taylor

Dansers: Gabriele Rolle, Omani Ormskirk, Demi Bawon, artists NDT 2. Foto: Rahi Rezvani

New composition by TRU

Lisette van der Linden

Micaela Taylor

Lydia Bustinduy

2 november 2023, Danstheater Amare, Den Haag

25 minuten

Dansers: Demi Bawon, Casper Mott, artists NDT 2. Foto: Rahi Rezvani


Conner Chew, Demi Bawon, Ruth Lee, Ricardo Hartley III, Úrsula Urgeles Gonzales, Casper Mott, Omani Ormskirk, Gabriele Rolle


Lights, Camera, Dismantled centers around the demise of power. Being from Los Angeles, a place known for the Hollywood coined phrase “Lights, Camera, Action” I was intrigued by what could go wrong in an idealized reality. Perhaps the luxury of power, fame, could lead to the destruction of the inner soul.

I would like to thank the whole NDT team and incredible cast for their hard work and dedication to this process, rehearsal director Lydia for bringing her endless help and nuanced experience, last but not least Artistic Director Emily Molnar, for offering the opportunity to create here, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

– Micaela Taylor

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Micaela in repetitie met de dansers. Foto: Sacha Grootjans
Gabriele Rolle about Lights, Camera, Dismantled:

Lights, Camera, Dismantled by Micaela Taylor explores the themes of power, exposure, hunger and desire, and the vulnerability and loss of identity that they can cause.

In this quirky and dynamic piece, eight dancers employ sharp physicality and musicality as a tool to unleash their wildest and most visceral selves.

Personally, I experience this piece as a balancing act between extreme physicality and extreme vulnerability, power and weakness, exposure and erasure.

When I dance Micaela’s work, I wear the red skin of my deepest self –
What am I hungry for, what is my deepest source of desire? And what am I willing to sacrifice for it?”

Gabriele in de studio. Foto: Sacha Grootjans
Omani Ormskirk about Lights, Camera, Dismantled

Lights, Camera, Dismantled is a physically demanding piece that requires us to go to our maximum at all times. It challenges us to search for our personal limits and then go beyond that. Micaela has an interesting approach to conveying her ideas which are very theatrical and prompt a visceral response in the body. The work is both a challenge and a journey for the dancers. To dance our way through this piece, where each moment informs the next, is a journey where we need our colleagues each step of the way. We are tuned in to each other’s breath, steps and focus which I enjoy very much.

I hope you will enjoy this piece and can appreciate our work and dedication in presenting you this new work.”

Omani (in het midden) samen met de andere dansers in de studio. Foto: Sacha Grootjans

Codes Of Conduct

Jermaine Spivey

Dansers: artists NDT 2. Foto: Rahi Rezvani

New composition by Jermaine Spivey

Yuka Hisamatsu

Jermaine Spivey

Ander Zabala

2 november 2023, Danstheater Amare, Den Haag

25 minuten

Danser: Omani Ormskirk. Foto: Rahi Rezvani


Ricardo Hartley III, Demi Bawon, Casper Mott, Omani Ormskirk, Nicky Daniels, Nova Valkenhoff, Samuel van der Veer, Viola Busi, Rebecca Speroni, Gabriele Rolle


Formal and Shifting
(These are, This one is)

The Questions bring us closer
(Cause what if should you)

The answers Agree and Disagree
(These not Those you can)

See through your ears
(You try now maybe)


Listen through your eyes
(Be is how They should)

Leading is Falling
(Try them as they were)

Settlement Underscored by Unsettlement
(Be could be these might)

In all seriousness, Play
(Have This Was Made Is)

How you were is Where you are is What you will Be
(I would still like to)


– Jermaine Spivey

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Jermaine in de studio. Foto: Sacha Grootjans
Nova Valkenhoff about Codes Of Conduct:

“Everything we do is in relation to other people. We are responsible for our personal journey, within our collective one. We belong by unsettlement. And we like to belong, but without unsettlement there is no settlement.

We are constantly questioning. Answering. Connecting. Relating. Seeing. Hearing. Agreeing. Disagreeing. To belong. Together. We are in it together. We do, together. Without each other there is no individualism.

Working together with Jermaine has been nothing but a pleasure. He creates a space where we can feel totally free, while staying within the codes of conduct. We are challenged, pushed and completely trusted at the same time. This process will never end. Even on stage we are working, processing, living it.”

Nova in repetitie. Foto: Sacha Grootjans
Samuel van der Veer about Codes Of Conduct:

“In a conventional rehearsal process, we receive what we dancers refer to as ‘corrections’. They are details pertaining to the choreography, dramaturgy, efficiency, timing, spacing, etc. They help me form an as intricate and detailed understanding of a choreography as possible.

Unconventionally, in Codes Of Conduct, we are improvising. Meaning that none of the choreography or ‘material’, (another dancer’s term) is really fixed. It’s difficult to correct something that doesn’t exist but is instead constantly existing and reiterating.

Learning how to function within this has been an ongoing struggle for me personally. I’m going through a cycle of feeling like I am forming that understanding, only to question everything all over again the very next moment.

Luckily in my quest for understanding, I am joined by nine of my wonderful colleagues. Who, to some extent, are all moving through that same cycle. And in my current understanding of the piece; that’s the piece. Belonging to this collective of individuals, all existing and searching under the same codes of conduct.”

Samuel (helemaal links) met Nova en Rebecca. Foto: Sacha Grootjans

Bedtime story

Nadav Zelner

Dansers: artists NDT 2. Foto: Rahi Rezvani

Rouaida Atia: Min Nazra.
Andre Hajj & Ensemble: Mir.
Ez-zouhour: Sidi Mansour / Baba Bahri.
Courtesy of ARC Music Productions Int. Ltd.
Al Ajaleh: Batsheva Music.
Mohammed Abdu: Allah Alaiha, Al Rasayel, Mahma Ygolon. Courtesy of Rotana Music.

Tom Visser

Maor Zabar

Matan Onyameh

Lydia Bustinduy, Ander Zabala

4 november 2021, Danstheater Amare, Den Haag

22 minuten

Danser: Omani Ormskirk. Foto: Rahi Rezvani


Viola Busi, Demi Bawon, Nova Valkenhoff, Omani Ormskirk, Rebecca Speroni, Ruth Lee, Conner Chew, Nicky Daniels, Samuel van der Veer, Gabriele Rolle, Ricardo Hartley III, Casper Mott, Nathaniel Belnavis-Wright


Viola Busi, Demi Bawon, Úrsula Urgeles Gonzales, Nova Valkenhoff, Maša Anić, Ruth Lee, Conner Chew, Nathanaël Plantier, Samuel van der Veer, Gabriele Rolle, Ricardo Hartley III, Casper Mott, Nathaniel Belnavis-Wright


“The small, secret moment between sleep and consciousness is the moment in which I make my dreams come true.

Recently, I return to the dreams I once had.

As a kid, I used to dream about snakes. Every morning I was surprised that I remembered them in great detail, though I did not understand why these snakes visited me in my dreams.

Even though I am afraid of snakes, every time we met in a dream they did not threaten me, I was never afraid.

Today I understand that these snakes are me facing the world and facing myself.  I am confronting my fears and following my beliefs.

Instead of running away from memory, I decided to explore it and chose to use it as an element on the dancers’ pajamas.

Music lies at the beginning of every work I create. Given the fact that I have Tunisian roots, the choice of Northern-African music was natural.

When I hear it, I feel like I am in a dream full of freedom and hope.

In this work it was important for me to give my dreams a stage, and to give the dreaming child that I once was a tangible expression.

As we get older, we tend to abandon our dreams.

We should get reacquainted with the child in us. The one who is not afraid to fall, the one who experiences life and is intrigued to discover. The one who knows that all dreams can come true.

The child in us holds the power to laugh, to get excited, and to fulfill all that its desire.”

– Nadav Zelner

Lees de biografie van de choreograaf

Viola Busi about Bedtime story:

Bedtime story for me is one of those pieces that have the untameable power of lifting everyone’s mood, on stage and in the audience. Since the beginning I felt completely taken by this raw quality of movement, we dance because we’re telling stories and there’s an incredible amount of details in every single one.

This is one of the first pieces I learned when I first joined the company, I was taught by some of my colleagues and the learning process was so fun already because each step exists for the purpose of telling a very specific story. Although when Nadav came back recently to refresh the piece and clarify some moments everything made so much more sense. His vibrant, exuberant and sensitive personality is translated into movement and is visible all over the piece.  What I really appreciated is the fact that he pushed us to make the stories and the movement personal to us, so that every time we dance we can indulge in different details with a different attitude and new ways of telling the same story. We dive deep into the storytelling with our whole body, face and feelings and I love the freedom to take it to the extreme.

For me the music itself embraces you with this exuberant energy and Nadav’s musicality and precision in hitting every accent is one of the aspects that makes dancing this piece incredibly fun.”

Dansers: Sophie Whittome, Samuel van der Veer. Foto: Rahi Rezvani

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'Lights, Camera, Dismantled' - Micaela Taylor. Dansers: Gabriele Rolle, Ruth Lee, artists NDT 2. Foto: Sacha Grootjans
'Codes Of Conduct' - Jermaine Spivey. Dansers: artists NDT 2. Foto: Sacha Grootjans
'Codes Of Conduct' - Jermaine Spivey. Danser: Nicky Daniels. Foto: Sacha Grootjans
'Lights, Camera, Dismantled' - Micaela Taylor. Dansers: artists NDT 2. Foto: Rahi Rezvani
'Codes Of Conduct' - Jermaine Spivey. Dansers: Demi Bawon, Casper Mott, Ricardo Hartley III. Foto: Rahi Rezvani
'Bedtime story' - Nadav Zelner. Danser: Sophie Whittome. Foto: Rahi Rezvani

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