Demi Bawon

Demi Bawon

I am Demi Bawon, born in The Netherlands with Surinam-Javanese origins. Since the age of ten I have studied at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. Here I got the opportunity to work with this wonderful company and the amazing people that have made NDT to what it is now. Throughout those years I learned so many valuable lessons about the art of dance, life in general, but most importantly I learned a lot about myself. I’ve realised that I become my most genuine self when I dance. It is a way for me to connect to whatever is hiding underneath my skin, to discover parts of me that I have not yet encountered and to project the thoughts and feelings deep inside of me which I’m unable to communicate through words. 

I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to be able to develop myself here at NDT, at this stage of my life. NDT provides me, and all the individuals here, a safe space in which we can discover who we are and truly be ourselves. I hope this authenticity and sincerity is felt by you, our dear audience. – Demi

Demi (midden vooraan) in 'Folkå' (2021) van Marcos Morau. Foto: Rahi Rezvani


28 juni 2000

Rotterdam, Nederland


Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag [2010-2020]

Stage bij NDT 2 in seizoen 2020-2021
NDT 2 danser sinds augustus 2021

Demi tijdens het project 'Open Space' in 2021. Foto: Mikaela Kelly