Nick Daniels

Nick Daniels

My name is Nick Daniels and I’m 22 years old and originally from New Jersey. Before coming to NDT I was studying in Vancouver, Canada at the Arts Umbrella graduate program under the mentorship of Artemis Gordon. While being under this umbrella of knowledge I was able to work with artists in and outside the house of NDT which was quite special. I learned to develop a dialogue and a high level of communication with my mind, body, and soul. Questions leading to purpose, purpose being dismantled, and dismantling true values within the core of true humanity. Being thrown into the deep end and learning how to swim. I thank all the individuals I was able to connect with before entering the world of NDT. 

In the time of being in the habitation of this company, I’ve been able to enrich my development of virtuosity and connectivity to my passions, desires, and weaknesses. When I move I have to feel. I have to feel raw and unapologetic to get to a place of ultimate freedom. Taking liberty to draw inside the landscape I’m searching inside of. Tasting, smelling, and smearing multilayered colors inside my brain. I have an obsession with flying, souring, falling, and destructing the space I enter when I’m living in it. NDT makes the room for you to discover whatever it is you want to experiment with and we get to write on the slate of our own identity. Our body is a playground and the space shared with all the different facets we all bring is something that always takes the lid off of expectations that can sometimes blind us. The camaraderie we all share is this substance that is unobtainable and fully supported throughout each other. The love we share for this thing we call dance is at the utmost honesty of pure sensitivity and will. For myself dance will always be important to my being because it’s the information that connects all the dots. It’s the wings to my aircraft, I am streaming in motion through time and space. So I hope I can experience this for an audience through their lens in some sort of fashion. – Nick

Nick in Charlie Skuys werk 'Centrifugal Bumblepuppy' voor Switch '21. Foto: Erik de Roij


18 januari 1999

New Jersey, United States


Arts Umbrella (2018-2020)

Create voor NDT’s Kunstkamer met Crystal Pite- cover role
Stage NDT 2 in seizoen 2020-2021
NDT 2-danser vanaf augustus 2021

Nick in Charlie Skuys werk 'Centrifugal Bumblepuppy' voor Switch '21. Foto: Erik de Roij
Nick in Jordan Pelliteri's werk 'Scene' voor Switch '21. Foto: Erik de Roij