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Season 2021-2022

The Poetic Body

13 world premieres, 6 programs in the regular programming, new faces and the returning of beloved choreographers: NDT has a lot in store for you in the 2021-2022 season, which bears the title The Poetic Body. Below you will find the complete programming of NDT in the 2021-2022 season. We look forward to welcoming dance lovers to our performances again after a long time. With tours in The Netherlands and abroad and via our accessible live streams, NDT 1 and NDT 2 present their dance art to a large, worldwide audience. Viewers from more than 80 countries enjoyed previous live stream performances. It is also possible to see a number of performances via livestream in the 2021-2022 season!

Programming NDT 1 & NDT 2

Bedroom Folk (2015)Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar
World premiere Alan Lucien Øyen

Skin of the mind presents a world premiere by Alan Lucien Øyen, an exciting new voice within the company who will debut his first work with NDT 1. Additionally, the opening program of the 2021-2022 features the return of the highly acclaimed Bedroom Folk by choreographic duo Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar, an important work in the NDT oeuvre that will be presented in an expanded version with a larger cast.

To be seen in The Hague, Amsterdam, Tilburg and Utrecht.

Or, see this performance via our live streams

Read all info here and see the performance dates

World premiere Marcos Morau
World premiere Nadav Zelner

The first NDT 2 program of the season The play between presents two new voices to NDT that are idiosyncratic storytellers in their own right who will both present two new world premieres. NDT is very excited to add their unique perspectives on dance to its roster of creators.

To be seen in The Hague, Haarlem, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Enschede, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Groningen, Maastricht, Amstelveen, Tilburg, Gouda.

Read all info here and see the performance dates

Of Any If And (1995) William Forsythe
One Flat Thing, reproduced
(2000) William Forsythe
N.N.N.N. (2002) William Forsythe

William Forsythe (US) has galvanized the dance world with his brilliantly innovative thinking, catapulting him into the international spotlight with his dynamic approach to the art form. Woven State marks the renewal of a relationship with Forsythe.

To be seen in The Hague, Heerlen and Nijmegen.

Read all info here and see the performance dates

Own creations by the NDT dancers

The dancers of NDT 1 and NDT 2 organize a unique programme every year: Switch. An evening entirely composed by the dancers, of which the entire revenue will be donated to a charity fund chosen by them. The performance is filled with new choreographies created by the dancers. In addition to the artistic content, the production, fundraising and marketing efforts are also the dancers’ responsibilities.

To be seen in Amare, The Hague

Read all info here and see the performance dates

World premiere Marco Goecke
Toss of a Dice (2005)Jiří Kylián
World premiere Marina Mascarell

Traces left within presents a return of Jiří Kylián’s Toss of a Dice (2005), and two world premieres by Marco Goecke and Marina Mascarell. The programme captures a collection of strong choreographic styles that are each uniquely different but find connection in their uninhibited approach. Both world premieres will be accompanied live by the Dutch Ballet Orchestra. 

To be seen in The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Groningen.

Read all info here and see the performance dates

World premiere Edward Clug
IMPASSE (2020)Johan Inger
World premiere David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen

Sudden and Suspended captures three distinct choreographic voices. The program presents a world premiere by NDT guest choreographer Edward Clug, engages in a new relationship with Tiffany Tregarthen and David Raymond who will present a world premiere, and restages Johan Inger’s critically acclaimed IMPASSE.

To be seen in The Hague, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Nijmegen, Heerlen, Haarlem, Arnhem, Amsterdam, Breda, Rotterdam, Zwolle, Venlo, Utrecht and Alkmaar.

To be seen via live stream. (Tickets for the live streams are not on sale at this moment.)

Read all info here and see the performance dates

World premiere Gabriela Carrizo
World premiere Crystal Pite
World premiere Roy Assaf

The last programme of season 2021-2022 presents an evening of world premieres by three distinct choreographic voices: Gabriela Carrizo, Crystal Pite and Roy Assaf, that all have influenced NDT’s canon through extensive contributions and haunting single moments.

To be seen in The Hague, Tilburg, Maastricht, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

Read all info here and see the performance dates

NDT 2 in Grote Kerk in Veere

The Most Fascinating Problem in the World (2021)Tom Weinberger
The Big Crying (2021) Marco Goecke

Tom Weinberger and the NDT 2 dancers created a new work, specially made for locations outside the traditional theater set-up. Projects like these offer us as a company new perspectives and creative discoveries. In September 2021, the premiere of Tom Weinberger’s work for NDT 2 will finally become reality in the Grote Kerk in Veere. In addition, the dancers of NDT 2 present the acclaimed  The Big Crying (2021) by Marco Goecke.

To be seen in Grote Kerk Veere (sold out)

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Here We Live And Now 2021

World premiere Antonin Comestaz
World premiere Parvaneh Scharafali
World premiere
Zino Schat

Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater celebrate with Here we live and now the wealth of dance talent the city of The Hague possesses. Up-and-coming choreographers are invited to create a short performance. Former NDT-dancer Parvaneh Scharafali, Antonin Comestaz and Zino Schat together present their new pieces during this varied dance event. Let yourself be surprised by the artists and indulge yourself with the wealth of creative talent from The Hague.

To be seen in Korzo, The Hague.

Read all info here and see the performance dates


Mist (2021) Damien Jalet

The creation Mist for the dancers of NDT 1 presents the debut of the Belgian-French choreographer Damien Jalet with the company. The critically acclaimed works by Jalet are often visual stunning, kinetic and thought provoking. Damien Jalet has made a beautiful movie of his creation, filmed by Rahi Rezvani.

To be seen via live stream. (Tickets for the live streams are not on sale at this moment.)

Read all info here and see the performance dates

De keuze van Korzo & NDT

Do you believe me yet? (2021) Astrid Boons

Since 2013, Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) have joined forces in order to support new choreographic talent. Every year they select extraordinary talent to create a full-evening performance that then goes on tour. Astrid Boons has been chosen for 2021. Fernando Magadan, Iván Pérez, Amos Ben-Tal, Joeri Dubbe, Samir Calixto, Marina Mascarell, Jiri Pokorny and Antonin Rioche preceded him.

To be seen in Korzo, The Hague.

Read all info here and see the performance dates

Up & Coming Choreographers

World premiere Liliana Barros
World premiere Emilie Leriche

NDT and Korzo join forces to stimulate the development of young creators. For this edition of Up & Coming Choreographers, talented makers Liliana Barros and Emilie Leriche get a chance to make new creations.

To be seen in Korzo, The Hague.

Read all info here and see the performance dates

Season subscriptions in Amare

For the 2021-2022 season it is possible to order a season subscription for Amare in The Hague. The Premiere Subscriptions have already been sold out in presale, but it’s still possible to buy season subscriptions for the second and third performance days. You will receive a 15% discount.

Order your season Subscription here

Photo book

On the right you will find the photo book we made for the 2020-2021 season. It includes an interview with Artistic Director Emily Molnar about the company’s season and future, and many beautiful photos of NDT dancers taken by photographer Rahi Rezvani.

Take a look and browse the photo book.

Corona measures in Amare

Due to the corona measures, we can only use two-thirds of the auditorium capacity in Amare in The Hague. That’s why a part of the auditorium is blocked. You need a coronavirus pass to enter the theater. You have a fixed seat, but you do not have to keep 1.5 meters distance. There are several ways in which you can obtain a coronavirus pass:

  • Negative test result
    A negative test result less than 24 hours before the activity.
  • Vaccination certificate
    A full COVID-19 vaccination. With a European approved vaccine. From Saturday 10 July a vaccination is valid in the Netherlands from 14 days after you have been fully vaccinated. Usually, CoronaCheck can automatically collect your vaccination certificate from the systems of RIVM or GGD.
  • Recovery certificate
    Proof that you recovered from COVID-19 less than 6 months ago.

To visit an NDT performance in Amare you need a coronavirus pass. You take the following four steps:

  1. Download the CoronaCheck app or go to
    Download the CoronaCheck app: CoronaCheck works on iOS and Android phones from Android 6 and iOS 12 (iPhone 5s and newer). The CoronaCheck app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
    Or print a corona certificate on paper via Don’t have a smartphone? Or would you rather have your corona certificate on paper? Or are you going to an activity with people without an app? Then you can also print the corona certificate for yourself or the children via the website In the app you can show a maximum of 1 corona certificate per person.
  2. Upload your corona certificate
    Upload your vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or negative test result in the Coronacheck app or on You can read how to upload these corona certificates on the website of the central government of the Netherlands.
  3. Have the QR code scanned at the entrance of the theater or show your paper corona certificate
    The CoronaCheck app or the website automatically creates your corona certificate in the form of a QR code. You can scan this QR code at the entrance of the theater. If you get a green screen, you have a valid coronavirus pass. If you have a paper corona certificate, take the printed version with you to the theater.
  4. Enter with identification card and ticket
    Don’t forget your identification card when you visit the theater. The person at the entrance compares the details of your identification card with the details of your coronavirus pass. Finally, you also show your entrance ticket. Then you can visit the theater.

The corona measures mentioned above are valid until September 20, at least. In response to the press conference by the central government mid-September, it will be decided whether these measures will be continued. We follow the guidelines of the central government in this. Information about current measures, adjustments to the capacity of the auditorium, season tickets, the continuation of performances or our services around performances can always be found on our website.

Start-up phase Amare

In addition to the mentioned corona measures, the start-up phase of the new theater Amare may also have consequences for the services the theater provides.

NDT in Amare

From the 2021-2022 season onwards, Amare will be the new home base of NDT.

“Moving to Amare marks the start of an exciting time for NDT. I look forward to the collaboration and exchange that the building will inspire between the organizations and the community.

I believe art is a conversation. It’s about connection, and one of the best ways to nurture this dialogue is by actively engaging with the people who come to watch and contribute to our performances.

Once we are settled in the building, I’ll be spending time in our beautiful studios first, watching the dancers create with the city in the background. In addition to our studios, I expect the Danstheater to be one of my favorite places in the building; it is made especially for dance and is ultra-modern.”

– Emily Molnar, Artistic Director

© Katja Effting