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To remain leading within the international dance world and increase our social impact, we need our supporters and corporate partners.

With your contribution, we produce six groundbreaking productions a year, our companies NDT 1 and NDT 2 tour (inter)national stages, and we reach fans in almost 100 countries via livestreams. You help us realise our ambitions around talent development and education. This is the energy you want to part of. And you can!

Become part of our community and contribute to NDT as a voice for art, dancers, audiences and society. Check out the opportunities below.

NDT has cultural ANBI status, so in addition to exclusive behind-the-scenes peeks, your support also comes with additional tax benefits.

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Contribute to the world of dance through a donation to NDT. Any amount counts and brings us closer to achieving our ambitions. Together, we create a world full of movement and inspiration!