Would you like to leave a unique legacy to NDT’s ground-breaking art of dance?

Including NDT in your will is one of the many ways to support us. By doing so, you can give up and coming talents such as young dancers and young choreographers the opportunity to reach the top of the world of dance. You can select which specific objective you would like to support with your inheritance. For example:

• NDT – develop young talent and give them the opportunity to have a career in dance at NDT 1
• Education – introduce children to NDT Education’s language of dance.
• Make special performances and choreographies possible or
• Ensure the future existence of the company
• Or you can decide, in conjunction with us, on an objective that is important to you.

Your legacy, taken care of easily

Should you decide to leave part of your inheritance to NDT, you can feel more at ease by formalizing this in writing. You will require a will to do so. You can take care of this quickly and easily with a notary. You can decide the content of your will and to whom you would like it to go: a partner, family, a dear friend, and/or a good cause. The notary can advise you in doing so, and he or she will also ultimately draw up the will. Of course, you can alter your gift at any given time.

Good to know: because DNT will not have to pay inheritance tax, your entire gift will fully benefit NDT.

Your legacy gift to NDT in five easy steps

STEP 1: make an inventory of your wishes

Questions that help you make an inventory of your wishes: Do you know who you would like to make an heir? Would you like to leave (part of) your money or assets to one or more good causes? How would you like to prepare your legacy? Through a legacy institution, a bequest, or a foundation in your name? A notary can give you advice (see step 3.)

Would you like to include NDT in your will and give your inheritance a specific function? You can make an appointment with us so that together, if you prefer, with the artistic director, you can select a specific objective.

STEP 2: appoint an executor

An executor makes sure that your will is carried out. For instance, you could make a good friend or a notary executor. If you do not appoint an executor, then your heirs are responsible for carrying out your will.

STEP 3: find a notary

You discuss your wishes and draw up your will together with a notary. The notary elaborates on any judicial matters, and you can ask him anything that is unclear. Subsequently, you will make a follow-up appointment where you will sign the will. If you do not have a notary, you can find a local notary on You can call the notary-phone to ask general questions about inheriting and legacies: 0900 346 93 93 (available on weekdays from 9.00 to 14.00, € 0,25/minute.)

You can also easily take care of your will at

STEP 4: make it permanent

The notary will register the signed will in the Central Testimonies Register. This way, your will can be found and retrieved on your death. Should you wish to make any changes, you can always do so at a later date.

STEP 5: let NDT know

Please make sure to let us know if you have included NDT in your will so that we can thank you appropriately and keep you informed. To us, it is also very important to already involve you more with our company.


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Head of Development
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