Include NDT in your will

Pass on your love for dance

“I love Nederlands Dans Theater” is something we often hear from people like you – our audience and our donors. People who do not hide their enthusiasm for our art. Thanks in part to you, NDT has grown into the company it is today!

For over sixty years, NDT has focused on creative innovation, exchange and collaboration. As a company, we connect and inspire people inside and outside the dance world. We believe that art helps people understand each other better. It opens minds and hearts to the unknown.

That is why we continually invest in research and innovation. From developing new adventurous creations to encouraging tomorrow’s talent. Wondering how you can pass on your love of dance to the next generation?


NDT moves and inspires

“My first encounter with NDT was when the company was still a “toddler”, and I myself a little older and just started taking ballet lessons. There I sat in the theatre, face to face with that enormous physical expressiveness. Hit and sucked ‘into’ the stage, as it were. Every year – NDT did not perform more often in ‘my’ provincial town – there was the same fascination. Creativity, enthusiasm, body control and unbridled commitment, it all splashed. Never below par. I didn’t have the words for it then. But the experience was there.

In that respect nothing has changed all this time. The longing for artistic freedom and development from the very beginning has led to achievement after achievement and to the world-class company NDT is today. It goes on and on, and every year artistic medals are added to the list of achievements. And for my part, I am still captivated by yet another dansante trouvaille and by the expressive power of the dancers.

NDT: Sixty years old and still young at heart and body and mind. On to the 100, and beyond! We can all contribute to that. As a loyal audience, but also behind the scenes by a bequeath, leaving something behind for the future. Now, in the new social reality, this seems even more necessary than ever. I am thrilled to think that when that girl from back then is gone, NDT still grabs people by the throats with stories to be told and still touches and inspires with breathtaking performances.”

Marise Voskens is:

  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the University of Amsterdam
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board of VPRO
  • Chairman Supervisory Board Flamenco Biennale
  • Former judge

Why bequeath to NDT?

A legacy to NDT gives you the unique opportunity to protect the future of the company you love so much. That it remains a voice for its art, artists, its audiences and society, whatever the future may bring. In doing so, you will ensure that NDT, the company you cherish and that inspires you, continues to flourish. And you can join us in looking for a destination that suits you. Give NDT the future. Feel free to request our brochure if you want to know more.



Good to know

If you decide to bequeath to NDT, you can record it in a will. You can easily arrange this with the notary. You decide what is in your will and who you want to leave it to: partner, family, a dear friend and/or a good cause. The notary can advise you on this, and will also draw up the final will. Of course, you can change your will at any time.

Your legacy will benefit NDT in its entirety because a cultural institution does not have to pay inheritance tax.

How it works

STEP 1: make an inventory of your wishes

Questions that help you make an inventory of your wishes: Do you know who you would like to make an heir? Would you like to leave (part of) your money or assets to one or more good causes? How would you like to prepare your legacy? Through a legacy institution, a bequest, or a foundation in your name? A notary can give you advice (see step 3.)

Would you like to include NDT in your will and give your inheritance a specific function? You can make an appointment with us so that together, if you prefer, with the artistic director, you can select a specific objective.

STEP 2: appoint an executor

An executor makes sure that your will is carried out. For instance, you could make a good friend or a notary executor. If you do not appoint an executor, then your heirs are responsible for carrying out your will.

STEP 3: find a notary

You discuss your wishes and draw up your will together with a notary. The notary elaborates on any judicial matters, and you can ask him anything that is unclear. Subsequently, you will make a follow-up appointment where you will sign the will. If you do not have a notary, you can find a local notary on www.notaris.nl. You can call the notary-phone to ask general questions about inheriting and legacies: 0900 346 93 93 (available on weekdays from 9.00 to 14.00, € 0,25/minute.)

You can also easily take care of your will at www.nunotariaat.nl.

STEP 4: make it permanent

The notary will register the signed will in the Central Testimonies Register. This way, your will can be found and retrieved on your death. Should you wish to make any changes, you can always do so at a later date.

STEP 5: let NDT know

Please make sure to let us know if you have included NDT in your will so that we can thank you appropriately and keep you informed. To us, it is also very important to already involve you more with our company.


Bertan Selim

Lead development, sponsoring & partnership
Contactformulier (Engels)

Your question will be answered with care

Contact Bertan Selim at nalaten@ndt.nl.

Questions about inheriting or gifting?

For general questions about inheritance and gifting, please contact the notary telephone: 0900 346 93 93 (available on weekdays from 9am to 2pm, €0.25 p/m) or at www.notaris.nl 

Details of NDT that a notary often asks for:

– KVK DEN HAAG 411 50 184
– ANBI/RSIN 002874416
– BTW NR NL0028 74 416 B01
– Bank/IBAN nummer: NL27 ABNA 0628 0833 19

A nationwide initiative

NDT is one of the initiators of Nalaten aan Cultuur. A collaboration of cultural institutions in the Netherlands with the aim of raising awareness of bequeathing to culture. To inspire people to think about bequeathing to art and culture. To inform and to help make choices so that they can give their legacy meaning.