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The ideal partner

NDT is the ideal partner for organizations that would like to strengthen their philanthropic initiatives and gain inspiration. Years of experience in corporate partnering and the knowledge and know-how of our professionals in the fields of marketing, brand activation, and corporate reputation will guarantee you a creative and ground-breaking solution that fits your organization.

NDT’s partners directly contribute to its ambition to strengthen and maintain its role as an (inter)nationally leading-edge company. They allow the company to be bold, to take artistic risks, and to develop new ways to continue inspiring people around the world through its artistic dance.

Through their long-lasting connection, the current Founding Partners and Corporate Partners allow NDT to develop its long-term vision and to make its ambition a reality. For this, NDT is extremely grateful.

Case brandactivation Samsung

For the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S7 in South Korea, which centered on the quality of the photos that could be taken with the phone, Samsung and NDT worked jointly on a brand activation campaign. During two exciting weeks, the NDT 1 dancers, technicians, and NDT’s former artistic director Paul Lightfoot worked with Samsung South Korea on an exclusive performance, of which dance photos were taken with the new Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone! The campaign was driven with a campaign on bus stop posters and short videos that were introduced into various online media, reaching a wide audience.

Case corporate communicatie Aegon

Each year, in cooperation with Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies®, Instituto de Longevidade Mongeral Aegon, and Cicero Group, Aegon carries out the Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey. This report highlights the unique challenges of retirement plans of those in physically demanding professions and presents practical recommendations that can be used to mitigate risks. NDT dancers, who have comparatively short careers, were interviewed about the challenges facing them. The videos were used at the presentation of the report in various countries, such as the U.S.A. and Poland, as well as online.

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Case marketing - Renault

Renault and NDT share a passion for movement, aesthetics, and design. During Symphysis in 2015, NDT2’s (the breeding ground of new talents) yearly theater tour, the completely renewed Renault Espace was in the spotlights in ten theaters in the Netherlands, alongside the dancers.
Additionally, it was featured in various media, for instance, as ‘branded content’ in an advertising annex in the NRC Handelsblad newspaper, and the various social media accounts of both partners were utilized. The campaign has been nominated for the Sponsorring.

Becoming a partner

There are different levels at which your organization can become a partner of NDT, ranging from Corporate Sponsor to Founding Partner to Project Partner. Regardless of your choice of partner level, you link your brand with the most innovative dance company in the Netherlands and its transformative artistic experiences – that also is very reputable around the world.

Corporate sponsors support NDT’s operational management while simultaneously connecting their brand to an international, pioneering company and gaining access to a wide selection of hospitality possibilities for employees and stakeholders. Furthermore, founding partners can also benefit from a lasting cultural development and creative, ground-breaking, unique customization that helps them achieve their objectives of marketing, corporate responsibility, and brand activation. Project partners can connect with a specific project or choose to have a unique high-impact campaign with the company that centers on a project.


Creation | New creations

Each season, NDT presents eight to ten new creations. Renowned choreographers and relatively unknown creators of dance ensure that the repertoire and the art form remain exciting and new for the dancers as well as to the audience. This way, NDT is of, and continues to offer, immense added value to modern dance on a global level.  By contributing to these new creations, you will become involved in the artistic core of NDT.

Existing repertoire

By sponsoring existing repertoire, each season, your organization can become connected to existing works that return to the program. This is very necessary, because this way, such loved and sometimes costly productions can always continue to be performed. By covering the costs of rehearsal times and renovations or alterations of set pieces, they also help to maintain the high-quality level of the company.

Creation | Youth programming

NDT is currently developing an approachable program for youth, through which it can reach a younger and more diverse audience. The program consists of a yearly event at an ever-changing, unusual location that is attractive to young people. The repertoire performed is changed to suit the location, which creates a different experience of DNT’s artistic dance from the perspective of the dancers as well as the youthful audiences. Furthermore, we organize some peripheral programming based on several existing performances that appeal to this audience. Supporting this project is a wonderful opportunity, as your organization reaches this hard-to-reach target audience, it is cutting edge, and you help NDT to make the project a reality.

Social Seats

For NDT, diversity is an important theme. The positive impact of art on the wellbeing of people makes a major impact on their lives and the community in which they live. Because of this, NDT would like to be able to make its art and performances accessible to those who do not have the financial means to purchase tickets themselves. By being NDT’s partner in this project, your Corporate Responsibility is clearly implemented, and it also has a major impact on the lives of these people and the communities they live in.

International tours

Being a partner of our international tours, your organization will have a significant impact on NDT’s global presence. With over 70 performances worldwide each year, NDT shares its artisanship and talent development programs with people around the world, from Madrid to Melbourne, New York to Hong Kong, and Stuttgart to Singapore. This is a fantastic opportunity to position and connect your organization on a worldwide level to an internationally reputed company. Opportunities to be considered include activities, welcoming your stakeholders, and networking with NDT’s connections in those cities where your organization is active.

Partners NDT

NDT is deeply grateful to its current Founding partners  and Corporate partners for their connectivity and indispensable support of the company.

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