Privacy statement

Privacy statement

We are aware that you place confidence in NDT. We also consider it our responsibility to carefully manage your privacy. We will provide you with more information about this in our privacy statement.

What personal data do we process?

To offer you the best possible service, it may be necessary for us to process your personal data. This may involve the following products/services:

• Attendance at a performance;
• Educational or talent development activities and/or workshops;
• Newsletter;
• Sponsorship;
• Our website and webshop;
• Social platforms on which NDT is active;
• Visitor research.

The type and scope of personal data that we process differ for each product or service. Examples include name, address, residence, age, telephone number, e-mail address, total amount spent and IP address. If you would like a complete overview of your data, then you can submit an access request (see below: What are my rights?).

For what purposes do we process your personal data?

We only process data from you that is necessary for:

Our service
Personal data is processed to conclude an agreement for another product or service and the performance of this agreement. For example: participation in a workshop, purchase from the webshop, contact forms on the website.

Marketing purposes
To be able to inform you about NDT events and its (other) products and services and to adapt this information to your interests and preferences. For example: for the digital newsletter, for the purchase of a ticket and promotions.

You may be called by telephone number 088-7303102 after attending one of our performances. If you prefer not to speak to us, you can unsubscribe by e-mail by sending a message with your name and telephone number to

Website usage
To enable you to use our website, analyse the visit to the website, for the use of social media networks and marketing purposes. We refer you to our cookie policy (see below).

As a sponsor, we record and process your personal data for correct administrative processing and to provide you with relevant information about the sponsorship. For marketing purposes, NDT may supplement your personal data with public information that is available about you. If you would like to object to this, different options are available (see below: What are my rights?).

Market research
To develop products and services and other purposes related to general business activities.

Law and legislation
To meet the current law and legislation.

If you would like to object to this, different options are available (see below: What are my rights?).

Is my customer profile enriched?

We can enrich the customer details you submitted to us with other data. We do this to obtain an insight into our customer base and to be able to better target our products/services to you.
We may add information from external sources to the data, such as the data we have processed from you. As an example, this involves demographic data that we can obtain from third parties. This refers to general information such as postcode areas (average age of residents at a certain postcode, average household composition, average income).

If you would like to object to this, different options are available (see below: What are my rights?).

Is my personal data shared with third parties?

NDT contracts third parties to execute its services and other business activities (such as printers, publishers, hosting services and automation service providers). Insofar as these third parties process your data to execute the relevant services and business activities, NDT takes the contractual, technical and organisational action to ensure that your data is processed carefully. NDT shall not share any further personal data with the third parties.

Has the theatre shared my personal data with NDT?

NDT does not sell entry tickets to performances itself. NDT has agreements with a handful of theatres (and venues) in the Netherlands and abroad where the theatre concerned shares the personal data with NDT. We collect and record the personal data shared by you when purchasing or otherwise and use this data to be able to carry out the service or inform you about (future) performances. You may object to this. For more information about this, please see the privacy statements of the theatres concerned. Upon receiving your personal data, NDT will send you an e-mail for your information. The message will again contain the option to object to inclusion in the NDT database.

Which retention period do we apply?

NDT retains your personal data for no longer than the purposes for which processing is required.
NDT will apply a maximum retention period of five years for personal data of inactive natural persons. Inactive natural persons refer to persons who have not used NDT services in this period.
Once the retention period has elapsed, your personal data is erased from our systems. Prior to erasure, NDT will send you an e-mail informing you. The data is then only used anonymously for purposes such as market research, development of products and services and other purposes related to the general business.

How is my personal data secured?

We have taken technical and organisational security measures in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR to protect the data we have against loss or unlawful processing. Your data is handled confidentially and stored on secure servers.

What is our cookie policy?

Using cookies, you can be identified on our website if you (re)visit this site or other websites. We use the following cookies:

Functional cookies
These are cookies that are required for the website to work properly. An example is the preference that someone has for whether or not to accept cookies.

Analysis cookies
These are used to analyse the website and associated statistics, which we can use to optimise the website. We use the Google Analytics tool to do this. Google can supply this information to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so or insofar as these third parties process the information on behalf of Google. We have no influence on this. We have forbidden Google from sharing the obtained information.

Social media plugins
These are cookies that are placed by third parties, in our case by Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (Google). These cookies allow reports to be shared directly on these social media platforms. We have no influence on how Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (Google) handle the obtained information. For more information, we refer you to the privacy statements of Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Marketing cookies
The NDT advertisers use cookies to place adverts on websites of third parties that may be of interest. For example, if you look up a performance on our website, it is possible that you may see adverts for the same or similar performances when you visit another website.
NDT also works with Facebook on Facebook Ads – information and TikTok – information.
We ask your consent to use these marketing cookies via our cookie wall.

Other websites
Links to the websites of third parties, such as vendors, may also be included in our website offering. We have no influence on these websites and do not take any responsibility for the content on the sites to which the links refer to. We advise you to study the available information regarding privacy protection on these websites.

What are my rights?

You have the right to ask us to allow you access to your personal data and/or to rectify, supplement, erase or protect it. If you have any questions, comments or complaints about the use of your personal data, or if you want to unsubscribe from the newsletter or other products, then you can get in touch with us at any time. Send these questions or requests to customer service:

Can we change our privacy statement?

Yes, we can change this privacy statement and that is why we advise you to check this section of the website on a regular basis.

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