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The play between


On November 26, the Dutch government held a press conference in which new measures were announced to combat the spread of the coronavirus. It was announced that all sectors (including the culture sector) must close their doors from 5 PM to 5 AM from November 28 to December 18.

This means that we are forced to cancel the performances of the NDT 2 program The play between.

As a ticket buyer you will be informed as soon as possible about the settlement of your purchase. We are currently looking for alternatives. You will find more information on the website soon, keep an eye on the theater’s announcements.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. We hope everyone remains safe.

Campaign video: Rahi Rezvani. Dancers: Kenedy Kallas, Auguste Palayer, Kele Roberson

Marcos Morau
Nadav Zelner
Bedtime story

About the programme

The first NDT 2 programme of the season The play between presents two new voices to Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) that are idiosyncratic storytellers in their own right who will both present two new world premieres. NDT is very excited to add their unique perspectives on dance to its roster of creators.

Marcos Morau (Spain) is a rising star in the European theatre and dance world. His imaginative work ambitiously melds dance, fashion, film, theatre and photography and is often influenced by art, historical references that he reinterprets and molds into a new landscape of visual and inventive narratives. Morau studied choreography at the Institut del Teatre Barcelona, movement research in New York and holds a master’s degree in Dramaturgy. In partnership with other artists, Morau established the group La Veronal in 2005, which works within the disciplines of dance, film, literature and photography. Morau’s choreographic language tends to be saturated in a playful absurdism and theatricality that promote a new narrative language. For this programme, NDT is delighted to have Morau create a new work with the dancers of NDT 2.

Choreographer Nadav Zelner (Israel) is an independent dancer and choreographer, and a bold voice taking hold of the contemporary dance world. Zelner’s work is committed to pushing the expression of the body with a fresh and provocative perspective that incorporates a strong sense of design and theatricality. He was a member of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and danced in various international projects. Zelner has created work for the Gauthier Dance company and the Batsheva Dance Company, among many others. His vocabulary is influenced by popular culture that leads to highly aesthetisized works that are often accompanied by unexpected musical choices. The play between marks Zelner’s debut with NDT.

Digital program book

Have a look at our digital program book. Here you will find, among other things, the foreword by Artistic Director Emily Molnar, texts by the choreographers about their creations, tonight’s performing cast and an overview of all dancers, and photos and video material.

Have a look


Performance dates

Season 2021-2022 | November 4 until December 17, 2021

Amare, The Hague
November 4, 5, 6
November 17, 18

Stadsschouwburg Haarlem
November 10

Flint, Amersfoort
November 12

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
November 14, 15

Wilminktheater Enschede
November 24

Parktheater Eindhoven
November 26


Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
November 29, 30
December 1

Stadsschouwburg Groningen
December 4

Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht
December 8

Schouwburg Amstelveen
December 10

Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg
December 11

De Goudse Schouwburg, Gouda
December 17

Marcos Morau about his debut creation for NDT 2:
“The idea of the choreographic work is a visual and sound landscape that refers to us to a ritual, a celebration of men and women in front of nature. Facing the human being of the 21st century to look back in history and get lost in a pagan forest, full of enigmas and incredible situations that will shake the foundations of a civilization and a society built without affection, lost and confused.”

Looking ahead to the 2021-2022 season, Nadav Zelner says:
“This is my first collaboration with NDT 2. I’m excited to meet new people, to create new fantasy and to be part of this wonderful legendary company.

As a choreographer I’m always searching for the ultimate dancers which can bring to life multiple worlds at the same moment, as I mostly require. 

Looking forward to start this journey and welcoming you all to come and join us.”

'Folkå' by Marcos Morau. Dancers: ensemble NDT 2. Photo: Rahi Rezvani.

Watch more photos in the gallery

About the programme


“The small, secret moment between sleep and consciousness is the moment in which I make my dreams come true.

Recently, I return to the dreams I once had.

As a kid, I used to dream about snakes. Every morning I was surprised that I remembered them in great detail, though I did not understand why these snakes visited me in my dreams.

Even though I am afraid of snakes, every time we met in a dream they did not threaten me, I was never afraid.

Today I understand that these snakes are me facing the world and facing myself.  I am confronting my fears and following my beliefs.

Instead of running away from memory, I decided to explore it and chose to use it as an element on the dancers’ pajamas.

Music lies at the beginning of every work I create. Given the fact that I have Tunisian roots, the choice of Northern-African music was natural.

When I hear it, I feel like I am in a dream full of freedom and hope.

In this work it was important for me to give my dreams a stage, and to give the dreaming child that I once was a tangible expression.

As we get older, we tend to abandon our dreams.

We should get reacquainted with the child in us. The one who is not afraid to fall, the one who experiences life and is intrigued to discover. The one who knows that all dreams can come true.

The child in us holds the power to laugh, to get excited, and to fulfill all that its desire.”
– Nadav Zelner


“The frenetic pace of contemporary life elicits us to stop for a moment and collect the legacy of time. Human beings, from their solitude, face the awareness of their finitude and the drama of not finding their definitive place in this world. This difficulty is in turn the gift that allows us to express ourselves and transmit our concerns from one generation to the next.

The person who leaves the cave versus the person who leaves their apartment in the 21st century is the same person that builds fictions where they do not find the answers that calm their spirit, asking themselves the same questions about life and death generation after generation. All fictions, from primitive rites to their manifestation in updated images, are developed in communion with the group.

Folklore is the expression of the customs and traditions of the peoples, it is the celebration of life and the honor of death through music, dance, symbols, legends or superstitions.

Folkå acts as a ceremony of our time that looks to the past to remind us that we continue to celebrate life, through mystical rites, here bathed in the fury of contemporaneity, where we continue to be part of an endless cycle.

Folkå is a song to life, a night of offering and celebration.”
– Marcos Morau

Introduction talks

NDT organizes introduction talks prior to the performances of NDT 1 and NDT 2 in the Netherlands. The introduction talk takes 30 minutes and offers the opportunity the audience to meet our company on a personal level before the performance starts. Modern dance and the repertoire of NDT in particular are the focus of our introduction talks.

You can read more information in the information e-mail you receive the day before your visit to Amare, or via the website of the theater in question where you are visiting the NDT performance.