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Traces left within

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Traces left within presents a return of Jiří Kylián’s Toss of a Dice (2005), and two world premieres by Marco Goecke and Marina Mascarell. The programme captures a collection of strong choreographic styles that are each uniquely different but find connection in their uninhibited approach. 

The performances in The Hague are accompanied live by the Dutch Ballet Orchestra and will premiere within the Holland Dance Festival.

Marco Goecke
World premiere
Jiří Kylián
Toss of a Dice
Marina Mascarell
World premiere

Live streams

We are pleased to announce that the NDT 1 program Traces left within will be broadcast as a live stream via our website on Thursday February 3, Friday February 4 and Saturday February 5!

Order your tickets for one of the live streams via the buttons below.

Due to the uncertainties surrounding whether or not the current corona measures in the Netherlands will be relaxed, it is still not clear if the performances will be able to take place in front of a live audience. Because we do want to show this wonderful programme, with Toss of a Dice by master choreographer Jiří Kylián and two world premieres by Marina Mascarell and associate choreographer Marco Goecke, to an audience, we have decided to broadcast these performances as a live stream anyway.

Of course we also hope that the Dutch tour of Traces left within can still take place.

About the programme

The driven complexity of Marco Goecke’s (Germany) choreography excavates the inner working of an artist through his lightning-fast, nervous fluttering, and razor-sharp movements that stimulate the nervous system each time. Dancers twitch and contort their faces that portray both an intense longing and a dark intimacy. For Traces left Within the NDT associate choreographer will create a new world premiere with the dancers of NDT 1.

Jiří Kylián’s (Czech Republic) work evokes the dancer’s ability to speak honestly and sincerely. The emotional and kinetic thrust of his signature style is expressed through sensual, intimate gestures that capture the cerebral body as an instrument of inner movements. For Traces left within Kylián revisits Toss of a Dice with the NDT dancers since it was last performed by the company in 2006. The work was inspired by the work of sculptor Susumu Shingu, whose pieces Kylián calls “dancers of eternity” and a poem by Stéphane Mallarmé carrying the work’s title: “To me [Toss of a Dice] is a symbol of a sunken ship, something that is submerged under the waters of our conscious behavior, something which might be retrieved, or might not.”

Marina Mascarell’s (Spain) works are poetic, socially political and intimate. As a former member of NDT, her approach to movement inhabits the game of recognizing patterns in order to overcome them, and constantly questions choices to find the ‘true-self’: “I believe theatre has to make your imagination fly, without ever using the object like it is. I always question established ways of being, or issues I think society has. That’s what moves me to create.” NDT is very excited to see how working with a live orchestra will further develop her practice. This will be Marina’s first work created with the dancers of NDT 1.

The performances in The Hague are accompanied live by the Dutch Ballet Orchestra and will premiere within the Holland Dance Festival.

Performance dates

Season 2021-2022 | February 3 until February 25, 2022

Amare, The Hague
February 3, 4, 5
February 23, 24, 25

Nieuwe Luxor Theater, Rotterdam
February 9, 10

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
February 12


Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
February 15, 16

Stadsschouwburg Groningen
February 19

Marco Goecke will create new work with the NDT 1 dancers:
“I can’t wait to be back in Den Haag, NDT is my second home, the dancers know immediately what I am looking for and once again we will create our own universe”.

Marina Mascarell about creating for NDT in season 2021-2022:
what you want to bring to it and what you think you will bring back with you. They are curious to see how our collaboration will support the development of us as a company and yourself as an artist

The collaboration with Nederlands Dans Theater is an opportunity to broaden up Marina’s experience as a contemporary dance artist. It will be the first time she will work directly with an orchestra. This is possible under the umbrella of an institution like NDT who can facilitate this exchange. […]
Marina is a creator who’s focus is in the process. She challenges movement through a somatic practice she has developed through the years, in which is essential to continuously deconstruct oneself movement approach recognising patrons in order to overcome them, questioning choices to find the ‘true-self’ or other ways of being. […]
The dancers of NDT will go through a process of personal artistic discovery, as artist/creators. The framework of her work will allow them to explore subjects that interest them in relation to the work. A process that will resonate in future projects.

Photo: Rahi Rezvani. Dancers: Donnie Duncan Jr., Chloé Albaret

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Introduction talks

NDT organizes introduction talks prior to the performances of NDT 1 and NDT 2 in the Netherlands. The introduction talk takes 30 minutes and offers the opportunity the audience to meet our company on a personal level before the performance starts. Modern dance and the repertoire of NDT in particular are the focus of our introduction talks.

You can read more information in the information e-mail you receive the day before your visit to Amare, or via the website of the theater in question where you are visiting the NDT performance.