Frequently asked questions


How can I get in touch with NDT?

Do you have a question for NDT?  You can send us your question by filling in the contact form on the website.

Performances and tickets

I have a question regarding (my) tickets

NDT doesn't sell tickets, tickets can be bought at the theater's box office. Any questions on performances in The Hague can be adressed to Amare boxoffice.  Check out the list of (Dutch) theaters here.

Where can I find ticket prices?

NDT doesn't sell tickets on the website, tickets can be bought at theater's box office. Prices differ in every theater, depending on the avaible seats. We don't communicate the ticket price on the NDT website. For more information on ticket prices, please contact the local theater.

Support NDT

How can I become a Friend of Nederlands Dans Theater?

Becoming a friend is very easy. Please use this form to apply. Once we have received your application, we will promptly send you a confirmation.

Where can I find information about upcoming Friend activities?

Friends will receive invitations to Friend activities by e-mail. Friend activities will also be announced on this website, as well as in the Friend newsletter.

Can I change my Friendship level?

You may change your Friendship level at any time, for instance, by changing from solo to duo, Friend extra o Friend extra+ (or the other way round). Please send us any requests for changes by e-mail or by letter.

How can I cancel my Friendship?

Cancellation is possible by letter or e-mail. We will send you a confirmation of your cancellation. Your Friendship will finish on the next upcoming end date (which will depend on the date that you became a friend). NDT requires cancelation to be made one month in advance. Full or partial refunds of Friend contributions that have already been paid cannot be made.

Can I support NDT in any other way?

If you would like to support NDT with a higher contribution, you can become a member of Fonds Nederlands Dans Theater. Please click here for more information.

Another option is to include NDT in your will. You can find more information about legacy donations to NDT on this page.

You can also support us with your organization. You can find more information about that here.

How can I join the Fonds Nederlands Dans Theater?

The easiest way to become a member of the Fonds is by signing up on our website. It is also possible to complete a donation agreement and send it to NDT. The agreement is available for download here. It is possible to make an appointment if you prefer to have an in-person conversation, in which our general director Willemijn Maas will join us if you wish. Please inquire with Barbara de Heer, Manager of Sponsoring & Fundraising, 06-158 639 50 or

I wish to make a donation and be granted a tax advantage. Please tell me more.

Should you decide to enter into a five-year agreement with us, it is possible to register your donation as a private grant agreement. Periodical donations made to Fonds NDT can be used as tax deductions. You are granted additional tax advantages as you are making donations to a cultural institution. You are allowed to increase the amount you donate yearly by 25%. However, this kind of periodic donation is required to be documented as being for a minimum period of five years and must be recorded as an agreement in writing. The donation agreement is available for download here. The maximum size of the tax deduction will depend on your income and age. You can calculate your tax advantage, based on your personal situation, here.