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Dreams 360


The last programme of season 2021-2022 presents an evening of world premieres by three distinct choreographic voices: Gabriela Carrizo, Crystal Pite and Roy Assaf, that all have influenced NDT’s canon through extensive contributions and haunting single moments.

Gabriela Carrizo
La Ruta
Roy Assaf
How to ruin a dance
Crystal Pite
Figures in Extinction [1.0]

About the programme

Gabriela Carrizo (Argentina) blurs boundaries between dance and theatre in dramatically driven works that are imbedded in the exploration of the human experience. As a choreographer, she creates atmospheric, cinematic works that offer performers a space to emphasize the exploration of real –life situations, emotions and encounters. Together with Franck Chartier, Carrizo founded the Brussels-based collective Peeping Tom in 2000. In describing her work, she says: “I constantly try to look for new perspectives to make the parallel mental world visible; a world in which hyper individual fears, oppression, fantasies, and thought constructions of the characters and artists break into a regular social relationship.” Her world premiere for Dreams 360 will mark her second and long awaited new creation for NDT 1.

A stroboscopic effect is used during La Ruta by Gabriela Carrizo, this could possibly be received as bothersome

As a fresh voice in the world of dance, Roy Assaf (Israel) is one of the most sought-after emerging choreographic voices today. He completes Dreams 360 with a world premiere, which marks the choreographer’s debut with NDT. Through intricate and poetic gestures, his choreographic signature is marked by the body ability to make choices in space, the sound environment in which they create those movements and consequently an ongoing exploration of the intelligence of the body.

NDT associate choreographer Crystal Pite (Canada) is a highly demanded voice in dance. Pite’s riveting works depict the complexity and humanity of our generation with a distinctive tone that is rich with imagination and intelligence. In 2002, the choreographer and dancer founded Kidd Pivot whose name — part outlaw, part balletic technique — embodies her own balance of “recklessness and rigor”. As a choreographer, Pite is an image-maker that creates work of rare distinction and strikes a hybrid between dance and theatre. Through the virtuose poetry of her choreography, she is always able to seek a humanity and craft space and musicality in bold, rich scores. NDT is very excited to present another world premiere by Pite whose work speaks across borders and audiences around the world.

Nederlands Dans Theater and Complicité present this new work by Crystal Pite, in collaboration with Complicité Artistic Director Simon McBurney. This is the first piece in a triptych of collaborations between these two world-renowned artists that will be presented between 2022 and 2025. Complicité is an international touring theatre company based in London. Complicité works across art forms, believing theatre, dance, opera, film, installation, publication and participatory arts can all be sites for the collective act of imagination. Founded in 1983, the Company has won over 50 major theatre awards worldwide. This is NDT’s first co-production with the Company.

Performance dates

Season 2021-2022 | May 6 until June 8, 2022

Amare, The Hague
May 6, 7, 8
May 27, 28, 29

Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg
May 18

Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht
May 21


Parktheater Eindhoven
May 24

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
June 3, 4

Nieuwe Luxor Theater, Rotterdam
June 7, 8

Gabriela Carrizo will create a new work for NDT 1 again:
“I’m amazed that it has already been eight years since we created The Missing Door with NDT 1. It still feels like yesterday, the moment I first discovered those characters and personalities that I encountered there. Now I have the privilege to see some of them back in 2022 as well as to meet new people, to start a new creative, artistic and human collaboration. I’m very happy to embark on this new adventure together.”

Roy Assaf about his debut creation for NDT:
“I never know, when I begin to make a piece, what it is about. Although I look for inspiration and ideas before entering the studio, I always find, as if for the first time, that they come when I meet the ones with whom I share the studio. The act of making a dance is first of all an act of creating a safe, generous, open-hearted environment where all collaborators feel free and totally engaged– more than that, where they feel proud to share their creative ideas, opinions, and interpretations, where they allow themselves to reveal their fears, vulnerabilities and fantasies. The act of making a dance is the act of building trust and building a certain kind of environment where there are no limits to the ways we can express ourselves, no sacred cows we cannot kick or sensitive issues we cannot confront and embrace.”

'La Ruta' by Gabriela Carrizo. Photo: Rahi Rezvani
Photo: Rahi Rezvani. Dancers: Isla Clarke, Boston Gallacher, Nicole Ishimaru

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Introduction talks

NDT organizes introduction talks prior to the performances of NDT 1 and NDT 2 in the Netherlands. The introduction talk takes 30 minutes and offers the opportunity the audience to meet our company on a personal level before the performance starts. Modern dance and the repertoire of NDT in particular are the focus of our introduction talks.

You can read more information in the information e-mail you receive the day before your visit to Amare, or via the website of the theater in question where you are visiting the NDT performance.