NDT Summer Intensive

NDT Summer Intensive

Edition 2024

Van 29 juli tot en met 10 augustus 2024 organiseren we weer een NDT Summer Intensive!

Lees meer informatie over de NDT Summer Intensive 2024 hieronder in het Engels.

UPDATE 26 FEB 2024

Inschrijvingen voor de Summer Intensive 2024 zijn gesloten. 

UPDATE 16 FEB 2024

Inschrijving voor als vrouw-identificerende dansers is gesloten.

UPDATE 12 FEB 2024

We hebben bijna het maximum aantal vrouwelijke aanmeldingen voor de NDT Summer Intensive bereikt. De inschrijving voor als vrouw-identificerende dansers sluit binnenkort.


What is the NDT Summer Intensive?

NDT Summer Intensive is a unique experience which takes place in the atmosphere and surroundings of our company’s home. We offer a professional training course aimed to help you grow as a contemporary dancer and deepen your personal development. We use our tradition, knowledge, vision, and innovation in dance, art, and education to generate a fruitful artistic experience by creating a space for different perspectives, conversations, and exploration facilitated by an international team of choreographers and teachers. The participants can take these tools with them in the near future, and throughout their dance career.

Practical information

✓ Registrations open on January 29, 2024 at 10 AM

NDT Summer Intensive 2024 takes place from Monday 29 July – Saturday 10 August in The Hague (The Netherlands);

Course tuition €1350 incl. VAT

Accomodation costs (optional) for The Social Hub €725,- incl. VAT and city taxes.



Foto: Sacha Grootjans

Audition & deadlines

You can send submit your audition as of 29 January 2024. The deadline to submit in your audition is 26 February ór when we reach the maximum amount of registrations.

You can find all of the criteria to audition + the application form in our audition procedure.

29 January 2024 Application opens at 10 AM (Amsterdam local time)
26 February 2024 (or earlier*) Application closes at 5 PM (Amsterdam local time)
22 April 2024 Notify audition results

*Please be aware that we have a maximum of registrations that we can process. If we reach the maximum amount of registrations before 26 February, we will close the registrations earlier. Make sure to register as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Does NDT Summer Intensive provide financial assistance and/or scholarships?

NDT Summer Intensive seeks to reduce inequalities and access in dance education. Therefore, no dancer should feel deterred from applying to NDT Summer Intensive due to lack of financial means. NDT offers scholarship possibilities for those dancers who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend. We can provide scholarships due to the generous support of sponsors and guest families. To apply for a scholarship, you need to inform us on your online registration form. For more information about how to apply for a Scholarship, please read the Scholarship Procedure.

In the unforeseen circumstance that the NDT Summer Intensive 2024 is cancelled, am I eligible for a refund?

Yes, received payments for course fee and accommodation arranged by NDT will be refunded to all participants in case of a cancellation by NDT in case of force majeure. NDT cannot refund any invested travel costs. More information on terms & conditions can be found here.

One of the criteria for the audition video is to add a max. 2 minute contemporary solo, does this need to be NDT repertoire?

No, this does not need to be NDT repertoire and can be repertoire of your choice. This could be a fragment of choreography that you learned in school or in training or it could be something that you created yourself. However, make sure that there are no other dancers in the video and that you are clearly and completely visible. This means that you have to show your chosen repertoire as a solo. Please note: auditions that do not follow the description in this audition procedure will not be accepted. More information on the audition video criteria can be found in our audition procedure.

How and when do I audition?

It is possible to audition for NDT Summer Intensive starting 29 January 2024 10.00 AM (Amsterdam local time). To audition for NDT Summer Intensive 2024, please fill out the audition form on our website. The deadline to send in your audition is 26 February 2024 17.00 PM (Amsterdam local time) or when we have reached the maximum of registrations. Take into account that there is a maximum to the amount of auditions we accept. We advise you to send in a complete audition as soon as possible (after the registration opens) if you want to be considered.

Are there accommodations available to NDT Summer Intensive participants?

NDT offers affordable accommodation at The Social Hub centrally located and within close distance of our theatre. It’s optional to book the accommodation with us. You can indicate on your registration form if you would like NDT to reserve a room for you. Read more about this accommodation possibility here. When you apply for a scholarship, you are also eligible for a free stay with one of our Summer Intensive host families. Read more about scholarship possibilities here.

How many students are in each class?

There will be around 20 dancers in each group, with a total of three groups.   

How much is the tuition and what does it cover?

The tuition for the course is € 1350. It covers all the classes and extracurricular activities in the course. It doesn’t cover accommodation, food and travel. NDT offers affordable accommodation at The Social Hub. More information on this can be found here.


The two–week summer intensive is designed to offer (pre-)professional dancers a range of dance approaches and styles that aim to provide a thorough dance experience. Different elements of the course build upon the student’s technical base, as well as upon improvisation. Participants get to apply the learned principles in different components of the course whereby NDT repertoire, and the opportunity to create new work occurs.

Within the context of repertoire and new work, the participant simultaneously trains partnering, solo, group and compositional skills. Extracurricular activities of the course involve panel talks, artist exchanges and other activities designed to bring NDT staff, NDT dancers and the participants in closer contact. These activities also give peers the opportunity to form social and creative bonds that can last well after the intensive ends!


The NDT Summer Intensive is specially created for (pre)professional ballet and/or contemporary trained dancers aged 15 – 25 years old (X/F/M).  Diversity is an important part of NDT talent development and education. We encourage anyone to apply regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion or financial status.

There is a limited amount of 60 places available for the NDT Summer Intensive. NDT’s artistic staff selects based upon a range of criteria including, but not limited to retention of movement, musicality, attitude, work ethic, potential and creativity.


NDT Summer Intensive offers affordable accommodation in The Hague, centrally located and within close distance of our theatre. Read more about the housing possibility here


NDT Summer Intensive seeks to reduce inequalities and access in dance education. Therefore, no dancer should feel deterred from applying to NDT Summer Intensive due to lack of financial means. Scholarships are granted to participants who prove to be in financial need. A scholarship for NDT Summer Intensive 2024 can fund: (partial or full) course fee, travel costs, (compensation of) living expenses/meal allowance, housing in The Social Hub or with one of our guest families. NDT can offer a limited amount of (partial and full) scholarships. Find out more here

Jasmine Robinson. Photo: Sacha Grootjans

Being a part of the NDT Summer Intensive has been so enriching and fulfilling. I’ve gained a different perspective on dance, and a newfound level of awareness of my body.

Jasmine Robinson
participant NDT Summer Intensive


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