Terms & Conditions NDT Summer Intensive 2024

Terms & Conditions

NDT Summer Intensive

NDT holds the right to cancel a candidates partaking in the audition in case of an incomplete registration for the audition.

NDT must be a safe workplace for everyone. To ensure this, we formulated Golden Rules that apply to everyone in the organization, including visitors such as participants of NDT Summer Intensive. Read the Golden Rules

The course (and accommodation) fee should be paid within 30 days after the date of the invoice by the participant. If the course (and/or accommodation) fee has not been paid by the indicated date, the participant cannot participate in the course (and the reservation for accommodation will be cancelled).

NDT has the right to cancel all activities of the course in case of force majeure. Received payments for course fee and accommodation arranged by NDT will be refunded to all participants in case of such a cancellation by NDT. NDT cannot refund any invested travel costs.

After a participant confirmed participation in the course, the following cancellation conditions are in place:

Cancellation time Cost type Fee (Including VAT)
For cancellation more
than 3 months prior to arrival
No costs
For cancellation between
2 and 3 months prior to arrival
Accommodation €181,25 (25%)
Administration €50
For cancellation between
1 and 2 months prior to arrival
Accommodation €362,50 (50%)
Administration €75
For cancellation between
1 month prior to arrival and 22 July 2024
Accommodation €543,75 (75%)
Course fee €675,00 (50%)
For cancellation after 22 July 2024 Accommodation €725 (100%)
Course fee €1350 (100%)

Participants are obliged to provide for their own health and liability insurances and provide proof if requested by NDT. Without the proper insurance (including coverage of physical therapy) the participant cannot participate in the course.

NDT may consider placement of a participant in another group during the course if deemed necessary.

Participants agree to be photographed and/or recorded on video for archival and publicity purposes of NDT. Participants cannot claim any rights of property regarding these materials.

Participants are not permitted to take video recordings and/or photographs of repertoire pieces, dancers or teachers during the course.

NDT must be informed in advance by a participant about any injuries that incurred in the past and/or present. Failure to report medical issues, as well as other issues that concern a participant’s well-being is at the risk of the participant; failure to report can lead to immediate expulsion of the course if necessary.

The participant is aware that participation in the course, classes or other activities organized by NDT, can bring risks. Participation in the course is on a voluntary base and for the risk of the participant. NDT does not accept any liability for any material or immaterial damage (injuries, matter damage and possible consequences of damage included), irrespective of its cause.

Participants are advised not to leave any valuable personal belongings in the dressing rooms during the course. NDT is not liable for damage and/or theft of personal belongings.

Last updated: december 2023 | applies to NDT Summer Intensive 2024