NDT Summer Intensive

A Taste of NDT Summer Intensive

From June 21 to June 25, we will host several online workshops during A Taste of NDT Summer Intensive!

With several repertoire and improvisation workshops, as well as exclusive insights behind the scenes, we wish to inspire young dance students and dance professionals from all over the world and to give them the NDT experience as much as possible. You can join the workshops, which will be taught by our own NDT dancers and artistic staff, via Zoom for free.

Since we want A Taste of NDT Summer Intensive to be a place where we can exchange knowledge and learn from each other in various ways, there will also be panel talks and coaching sessions with NDT dancers, teachers and repetitors.

Unfortuntately we had to decide that the NDT Summer Intensive, our yearly professional training program, will not take place in 2021. However, we do want to give you the opportunity to stay connected with NDT, even during this difficult period, so we chose to create the online space A Taste of NDT Summer Intensive where you can get challenged and inspired and we can all share our love for dance together, regardless of where we are in the world.

You can join the online workshops for free. Registration starts May 25th:

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About NDT Summer Intensive

The NDT Summer Intensive is a unique experience which takes place in the atmosphere and surroundings of our company’s home. In our studios you will take part in an intensive training program comprised of our company repertoire, workshops new composition and classes focused on dance technique. We offer a professional training program aimed at developing yourself as a versatile contemporary dancer, the course will be overseen by our international artistic team of choreographers and teachers.

The two week program is specially created for (pre)professional dancers aged 14 – 30 years old. There is a limited amount of 60 places available for the Summer Intensive. NDT’s artistic staff selects the participants based on technical development and creativity.

NDT Summer Intensive 2021
To our regret and disappointment, we have decided that the NDT Summer Intensive, our yearly professional training program, will again not take place in 2021.

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NDT Summer Intensive offers an exclusive opportunity to experience the knowledge, inspiration and passion of our artistic team as well as working side by side with our dancers. The repertoire of NDT’s house and associate choreographers forms the basis of this two-week course. This will be combined with your participation in the creation of a new work by an NDT-affiliated choreographer. The program is completed with ballet classes, Gaga classes (Ohad Naharin’s movement language) and improvisation workshops, creating a structure very similar to the training of our own dancers.

Next to the daily classes, NDT Summer Intensive offers a special complementary program including various workshops and events. This additional aspect of our program will provide you with more in-depth knowledge and will challenge you to further investigate the many layers and perceptions of contemporary dance.


Selected participants for NDT Summer Intensive aredivided by the artistic staff into three groups: group A, B and C. This division will be made based on age. The choice of content for the classes and the selected repertoire is based on age and level of the participants in each group.


NDT Summer Intensive offers affordable accommodation in The Hague, centrally located and within close distance of our theatre.


NDT offers scholarships for young talented dancers who need help to finance their participation in the Summer Intensive. To fund these scholarships, NDT works together with sponsors and guest families who generously offer to help by funding the course fee or by opening up their home to accommodate participants during the course.

A scholarship from NDT funds (part of) the course fee and/or offers housing in a guest home. The scholarships will be appointed by a committee of members of NDT’s artistic staff. The applications will be judged on talent and financial need.

I came here at NDT Summer Intensive with the purpose of exploring contemporary dance within the walls of one of the best companies in the world. Since the first day of classes, I felt the unique potential of this course: not only do you have the chance to work with amazing teachers who give you exceptional advice to improve technique and artistry, but above all, you are literally transported into the working atmosphere of NDT. Here, you feel the sense of professionalism and sharing of ideas that characterize this company.

Francesco Sardella participant NDT Summer Intensive 2019


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on +31 70 88 00 144 (during office hours) or send an email to summerintensive@ndt.nl.