From Here Now Far

in Luxor Rotterdam

From Here Now Far is an exploration of crossovers between dance, theater, art and life while spectators are invited to expand their ideas about dance and dance theater.

For this programme, we are pleased to bring back Jakie by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar, which originally premiered at NDT in May 2023. This fascinating and virtuoso choreography for a large cast is accompanied by a soundscape composed by Ori Lichtik. Gabriela Carrizo’s La Ruta (2022) is a powerful and cinematic work that invites the audience to fabricate their own story from a world of images. Together with Complicité, NDT presents a world premiere created in collaboration between award-winning theatre director Simon McBurney and Crystal Pite. This is the second work in a triptych of collaborations between these world-renowned artists that NDT is presenting between 2022 and 2025, and the first time McBurney has created a work for a dance company. Their previous collaboration Figures in Extinction [1.0] (2022) was awarded a Swan for most impressive dance production.

7 March – 8pm.
8 March – 8pm.
9 March – 8pm.

Special offer of 10€ for young people up to 26 years old!



JAKIE ©Rahi Rezvani. Dancer: Anna Bekirova;

About From Here Now Far

La Ruta - Gabriela Carrizo

Carrizo’s second work for NDT, space and time are suspended, while the viewer is invited to interpret their own narrative within a world of images. In describing La Ruta, Carrizo quoted classical music conductor T. Currentzis: “It’s very difficult to organise a dream, because when you organise it, you wake up. When you take control of a dream, you understand that you are sleeping. This is why, to dream you need to be unprotected.”  

Jakie - Sharon Eyal en Gai Behar

The choreographic duo have come to embody a unique style of movement that is deeply rooted in the expression of the body. Their work is characterized by pulsing and hypnotic rhythms that tap into worlds that seemingly co-exist far into the future and deep into the past. Together they have created works for multiple companies worldwide and founded their own company L-E-V in 2013.   

“Sublime design and crackling energy “


Simon McBurney in samenwerking met Crystal Pite - Worldpremiere

This is the second work in a triptych of collaborations between these world-renowned artists that are presented between 2022 and 2025, and the first time McBurney will be creating a work for a dance company exclusively. Steering away from linear stories, McBurney overlaps narratives, past and present, fact and fiction, allowing them to communicate with each other. ‘I’m naturally attracted to something I don’t understand, because when you try to deal with that, it opens a door into another world’, says McBurney.  

La Ruta ©Rahi Rezvani