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Digitale programmaboek ‘Raw are the roots’

Digitale programmaboek

Raw are the roots


Geacht publiek,

Welkom bij Raw are the roots, een avond waarin NDT 1 wereldpremières van de internationaal gerenommeerde kunstenaars Felix Landerer en het choreografenduo Sharon Eyal en Gai Behar presenteert. Zoals de titel suggereert, viert de avond de kwetsbaarheid en durf die nodig is om diep te graven in nieuwe ideeën, sensaties en benaderingen binnen het maken van nieuwe creaties.

I contain multitudes is Landerers debuut voor NDT 1, geïnspireerd op het gedicht Song of Myself (1855) van Amerikaanse poëet Walt Whitman. In dit innemende werk verkent Landerer de grenzen van het individu en reflecteert hij op de verschillende kanten die in een mens schuilen, en de complexiteit en tegenstrijdigheden die zij gezamenlijk kunnen creëren.

Na zeven jaar zijn we verheugd een nieuw werk van Eyal & Behar te kunnen delen. Met Jakie vindt dit dynamische duo hernieuwde kracht, een plek waar het sensuele en onverwachte elkaar ontmoeten in een fascinerend contrast dat de hypnotiserende virtuositeit van de NDT 1-dansers benadrukt. Het werk getuigt van het voortdurende artistieke experiment van Eyal en Behars originaliteit.

Veel dank gaat uit naar Felix, Sharon, Gai, onze vele geweldige medewerkers, de dansers en het team van NDT voor hun ongelooflijke harde werk, creativiteit en passie bij het realiseren van dit geïnspireerde programma.

We hopen dat u geniet van de avond!

Emily Molnar
Artistiek Directeur

'Jakie' - Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar. Dansers: Anna Bekirova, Scott Fowler, artists NDT 1. Foto: Rahi Rezvani

I contain multitudes

Felix Landerer

Dansers: Isla Clarke, artists NDT 1. Foto: Rahi Rezvani
Choreography in collaboration with the dancers

New composition by Christof Littmann

Felix Landerer in collaboration with Barry van Oosten

Felix Landerer in collaboration with Barry van Oosten and Tjitte Meijer

Bregje van Balen

Tamako Akiyama

11 mei 2023, Amare Den Haag

40 min

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Dansers: Boston Gallacher, Surimu Fukushi. Foto: Rahi Rezvani


Alexander Andison, Fay van Baar, Anna Bekirova, Emmitt Cawley, Isla Clarke, Surimu Fukushi, Boston Gallacher, Nicole Ishimaru, Genevieve O’Keeffe, Kele Roberson, Lea Ved / Tess Voelker, Nicole Ward

Felix Landerer in repetities met de NDT 1-dansers. Foto: Sacha Grootjans

“The idea for the work developed around the phrase “tolerance for ambiguity”. It reflects on the increasing challenge of tolerating differences and contradictions in ourselves and others. The work explores what it means to be hemmed in with a multitude of perspectives, to occasionally search for consensus and to allow for it not to be found.”
– Felix Landerer

Lees de biografie van de choreograaf

Boston Gallacher about I contain multitudes:

“In my experience, the audience’s perception of the worth of a dance piece is often equated to the level of extreme physical exertion by the dancers. “Using the dancers to the fullest of their abilities” often refers to their use of flexibility, strength and exacting formations, but there are many aspects of dance that transcend the purely physical. To watch dance and to dance are very different experiences.

As a person who does a lot of watching and dancing, I find that the smallest details and textures create a longevity of attention and potential for surprise that sweat alone can’t sustain. For example: I think of my body as a chest of drawers, each drawer occupied with a different texture. My ribcage is filled with scorpions, my mouth with assorted marbles and my hands with miniature construction cranes. Felix is a creator who allows you to step into the fullness of your own imagination, while shaping his own world around it.

The experience of dancing and watching Felix’s work is made compelling by his commitment to questioning and seeking intention. The performative state is something to be questioned. Security and insecurity are things that can be composed with. Suddenly the infinite library of movement and texture that lives in the dancer’s body is expanded even further by the uncovering of emotional responses to sensation. The nature of movement, much like the nature of opinion, can easily fall into a binary of extremes when in reality there are endless facets to each truth. Dance has the potential to transcend language through the sensorial knowledge of the body. Sensitivity and misunderstanding, anti-climax and tensive interaction: with this work I am feeling, so much, the fullest of my sensorial ability.

Felix is one of my favourite makers active today and I cherish the chance for my final creation with NDT to be with him. I hope you, as the watchers of this dance, can allow yourself this moment to find your own personal fascination somewhere in what we have to show you.”

Boston in repetitie. Foto: Sacha Grootjans

Fay van Baar about I contain multitudes:

“Felix’s work goes far beyond the abstract movement you see. The choreography merely exists as a framework which we fill with creative intention. Despite the presence of an audience, he asks us not to ‘perform’ at any point; We are instead challenged to genuinely experience each movement in the moment. He encourages each dancer to maintain a constant dialogue with our own body, the other people in the room, and even the space itself. This specific approach to movement is unique to Felix’s work and has been incredibly enriching.”

Fay in de studio. Foto: Sacha Grootjans

Felix Landerer’s new production is co-sponsored by Ammodo.

Dansers: Emmitt Cawley, Genevieve O'Keeffe, Kele Roberson. Foto: Rahi Rezvani


Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar

Dansers: Genevieve O'Keeffe, Scott Fowler. Foto: Rahi Rezvani

Clyde E. Archer, Guido Dutilh, Leo Lerus

New composition by Ori Lichtik, including music by Ryuichi Sakamoto, performed by Alva Noto: The Revenant Main Theme, © New Regency Music Inc., Milan Records, Sony Music Publishing.
Einstürzende Neubauten: GS1. Written by Blixa Bargeld. NU Unruh, Alexander Hacke, Jochen Arbeit, Rudolph Moser. Published by Freibank Musikverlage/CTM Publishing. Courtesy of POTOMAK.

Alon Cohen

Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar

Sharon Eyal in collaboration with NDT’s Costume Department

Francesca Caroti

11 mei 2023, Amare Den Haag

35 min

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Dansers: Emmitt Cawley, artists NDT 1. Foto: Rahi Rezvani


Fay van Baar, Anna Bekirova, Conner Bormann, Pamela Campos, Emmitt Cawley, Thalia Crymble, Scott Fowler, Aram Hasler, Nicole Ishimaru, Chuck Jones, Genevieve O’Keeffe, Kele Roberson, Charlie Skuy, Yukino Takaura, Theophilus Vesely, Nicole Ward

Genevieve O’Keeffe about Jakie:

”From our very first day working in the studio with Sharon and Ori, parts of Jakie were already visible, as if the piece already had a form and a feeling, just not yet bodies to carry it.
Each idea we explored had a clear identity and sense or belonging to this world we were revealing. Although I might not have known the choreography, I could understand the state my body needed to be in and the imaginative sensitivity I should search for.

I have always enjoyed pieces where my colleagues feel near, when I am part of a whole and carried by our shared energy.

To work with Sharon and her team for the first time has been a privilege and a joy. Her clarity of vision, excitement and humility have brought  us a work which has pushed me to forget any limits I thought existed and surrender to the overwhelming.”

Genevieve in repetitie. Foto: Sacha Grootjans

Scott Fowler about Jakie:

“Without a doubt, the making of Jakie has been one of the most wonderfully wild and lively creation processes I have ever been a part of. Never have I been in a collaboration that has felt so chaotic and cohesive at once, with such an unrelenting progression, leaving no space for excessive doubt or inhibition. Sharon creates not by careful thought or predetermined planning, but by unrestrained impulses she feels in the moment. The movement is embodied through her recorded improvisations. The music is Ori Lichtik’s infectious beats and samples, generated from a part DJ-setup part research lab hybrid he works at in the corner of the studio. And the piece itself is made from these two things existing at once, while Sharon is at the front of the studio, mic in hand, dancing with us as she shouts commands over the incessant drive of the music. This means that as dancers we were moving together, listening and following direction at the same time. As demanding as these moments are, it is what I find so beautiful about the process. As someone who can easily get caught up in analysis and overthinking, I was forced to work in a different way, having to make choices through impulse or instinct at a moments notice. The result is an experience that feels more alive and even genuine, which I hope the audience will sense as they watch.”

Scott in de studio. Foto: Sacha Grootjans
Danser: Anna Bekirova. Foto: Rahi Rezvani

Extra video's

'I contain multitudes' - Felix Landerer. Dancer: Emmitt Cawley. Photo: Rahi Rezvani
'Jakie' - Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar. Dancers: Scott Fowler, artists NDT 1. Photo: Rahi Rezvani

Artistieke staf NDT 1

Tamako Akiyama

Repetitor NDT 1

Francesca Caroti

Artistiek adviseur & repetitor NDT 1

Lucas Crandall

Artistiek administrateur NDT 1 & repetitor NDT 1
'I contain multitudes' - Felix Landerer. Dansers: Emmitt Cawley, Genevieve O'Keeffe, Kele Roberson. Foto: Sacha Grootjans
'Jakie' - Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar. Dansers: Scott Fowler, Anna Bekirova. Foto: Sacha Grootjans

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