Scott Fowler

Scott Fowler

What I love about dance is the play between the act of conjuring a state of existence and purely existing within it. In my view, to perform is to do both. To tell a story and be a story. To discover what it’s like to exist within a body and also know very well. To steer the wheel of your imagination and let go completely. It’s to do the thing and be it too. There’s joy in the attempt of doing both at once, while also connecting with a viewer. I think there’s a sweet spot where someone can live through your experience within their own body, creating an exchange that is somehow so innate and vital. To me, it is the most unconditional form of unity we have. – Scott


15 juni 1993

Vancouver, Canada


Arts Umbrella Program [2004 – 2012]

Gastdanser bij  Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie [2013]
Ballet BC [2012 – 2020]
NDT 1 sinds augustus 2020

In 'Baby don't hurt me' (2021) van Imre van Opstal & Marne van Opstal. Foto: Rahi Rezvani.
In 'Silent Tides' (2020) van Medhi Walerski. Foto: Rahi Rezvani.