Sold out? Watch NDT performances at home

17 July 2020

See NDT at home

NDT is very much looking forward to welcoming you again after a long time at performances in the Zuiderstrandtheater from September onwards. And you can’t wait to see NDT back on stage too: the tickets for all the performances of the NDT 1 programme Endlessly Free and the NDT 2 programme Dare to Say in the Zuiderstrandtheater were sold out after one week!

Didn’t manage to get tickets? Fortunately, you can still attend both programmes. In addition to performances in the theater, NDT offers you something new in the 2020-2021 season: live streams! The performance that is danced by the dancers of NDT on stage in the Zuiderstrandtheater is filmed and streamed live. This means that you can attend the performance, watching it live on a screen at home, in your own living room. A unique experience!

Enjoy a NDT performance at home, together with friends or family, for just €15.


The live stream consists of an introduction beforehand and the entire performance itself. This way you will not miss anything of what is happening in the Zuiderstrandtheater.

The live streams are by no means a diluted theater experience. The dancers and support teams make every effort to make your visit to our online theater as special and inspiring as possible.