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Endlessly Free

Medhi Walerski Silent Tides
Medhi Walerski SOON
Crystal Pite The Other You

For the opening programme of this season, NDT 1 presents a triple bill featuring works by critically acclaimed choreographers Medhi Walerski and Crystal Pite. Endlessly Free was curated as a response to the times, it is an intimate space that reflects on hope, love, loss and the duality of the self.

Please be aware: this programme contains nudity.

about the programme

For this programme, Walerski will create a fresh new work for two dancers. Alongside this world premiere NDT 1 will stage his compelling SOON (2017). SOON started off with a piece of music that was of great significance to the choreographer: “The sheer uniqueness of his voice and the raw, profound poetry of his lyrics kindled a spark that I wanted to express through this piece; four songs, four dancers, echoing Clementine’s vision of life.”
The triple bill is completed with Crystal Pite’s The Other You (2010), a duet she created for her company Kidd Pivot. The work offers a portrait of a man in dialogue with ‘his other’ and lives in the tension between contrasting states.

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Performances and live streams

The programs in the first part of the season (September to December 2020) have been adapted to the current measures around COVID-19. All rehearsals and performances are performed according to the set guidelines. We would like to welcome you back in the theatres, albeit in much smaller audience numbers than usual to guarantee the one and a half meter measure for everyone; and online in our digital theatre, via a live stream that you can watch in your own living room. For both options, it is by no means a diluted theatre experience. The dancers and support teams make every effort to make your visit to one of the performances in our theatres or online as special and inspiring as possible. After all, that is what you expect from us!

Performance dates

Season 2020-2021
September 17 until October 10, 2020

September 17, 18 & 19 | 20:00
Zuiderstrandtheater, The Hague

September 22 & 23 | 20:00
Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

September 25, 26 & 27 | 20:15
Parktheater Eindhoven


Seizoen 2020-2021
17 september t/m 10 oktober 2020

September 29 & 30 | 20:15
Theaters Tilburg

October 2, 3 & 5 | 19:30
October 4 | 15:00
Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

October 7, 8, 9 & 10 | 20:00
Zuiderstrandtheater, The Hague

Data live streams: September 17, 18 and 19
The first three performances in the Zuiderstrandtheater will be broadcast live on the NDT website. 

In this performance

silent tides (world premiere) – medhi walerski

Silent Tides is a work for two dancers. The current situation has emphasized a ref lection on the human connection. We therefore created this piece abided by the rules of social distancing and progressed on as the dancers were allowed to make physical contact again. How incredibly humbling it has been to witness the endless creative possibilities of human relationships and to experience the texture, the rhythms, and tastes of the bodily world. Our collective sensibilities were touched. The result is an intimate work that ref lects the relationship to one another and ourselves – the infinite gates where our bodies receive the nourishment and otherness’s vibration and energy.

Touch, time, eternity, love, death, infinity.”
– Medhi Walerski

Walerski surpasses himself as a choreographer with this gossamer play between delay and acceleration, stop and start, grab and miss.

de Volkskrant
about Silent Tides

“A few years ago I went to a Benjamin Clementine concert. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to create a piece to his music. The sheer uniqueness of his voice and the raw, profound poetry of his lyrics kindled a spark that I wanted to express through this piece; four songs, four dancers, echoing Clementine’s vision of life.”  – Medhi Walerski

[Walerski] knows like no other how you can move dancers playfully towards the light.

de Volkskrant
about SOON
the other you – crystal pite

The Other You, a duet created by Crystal Pite for Kidd Pivot in 2010, is a portrait of a man in dialogue with his other. The work lives in the tension between contrasting states – conscious and unconscious, civilized and wild, human and animal, puppet and puppeteer, dominance and submission. A familiar tragedy of love, conflict, and loss finds new meaning in the context of the self.

Dare to Say - NDT 2 Are you watching the live stream on 6, 7, of 8 November?

The second program of the 2020-2021 season will be performed by NDT 2 and broadcast live from the Zuiderstrandtheater.

Dare to Say, danced by NDT 2 presents two works by distinctive makers. Alexander Ekman and Dimo Milev challenge the dancers of the second company in their new creations with different approaches to movement and choreography adapted to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19.
The evening will be accompanied live by musicians from The Dutch Ballet Orchestra.

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