Live streams: Dare to Say

Buy your tickets for the live streams of 'Dare to Say'

Please note, on this page you buy tickets for one of the live streams of the NDT 2 programme Dare to Say on Friday 6, Saturday 7 or Sunday 8 November. With your ticket for a live stream you can watch the performance at home. You cannot buy tickets for the performance in the theater here.

The live stream consists of an introduction to the performance and the entire performance itself. So while the dancers are on stage in The Hague, you can see the performance on a screen at your home, together with your friends or family, at the same time.

How does it work?

  • Choose from one of the available live stream dates and buy a ticket.
  • After your order you will receive a standard confirmation from the Zuiderstrandtheater with an e-ticket. Please note that this e-ticket is not your ticket to the live stream.
  • In the week prior to the performance, you will receive an email via NDT with a link that provides access to the live stream.
  • Only with that link you can watch the live stream. Please also check your spam box for the access link in the week of the performance.
  • The live stream can be played on any screen: on your PC, laptop, phone or iPad/tablet. For the best experience, we recommend using the largest screen possible, or connecting your laptop to a television, for example (read how to do this here).

More info about the live streams

Tickets for the live stream can be ordered for €15.

Friday November 6

Saturday November 7

Sunday November 8