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With this IWB-app from Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT), children learn about modern dance in a playful way. The dance piece Cacti by choreographer Alexander Ekman forms the basis of the app.

The children move along with catchy dance videos. They watch video clips from Cacti together and discuss what is shown using viewing questions. They also invent their own dance moves; by playing with animations and imaginative tasks.

The Cacti App not only provides an introduction to modern dance, but also creatively connects with the developmental areas of language, music, spatial orientation, social skills and motor development.

Please note: this app is only available in Dutch


The Cacti App is for preschool teachers and is available free of charge to all elementary schools and primary education umbrella organizations.

Applying is easy: fill out the form completely and receive a confirmation by return with login details, more information and instructions.

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Please note: this app is only available in Dutch

The atmosphere is wonderful, the children are happy when they see Cacti because they know the chairs are going to move aside and there is going to be movement. They talk back to Cacti so the language Cacti uses is at the children’s level. 4-5-6 year olds benefit a lot from the visuals and like to copy the dancers.

Nicole Hoenselaar from Aloysius school Maasland

How to use the app

The app is available through a recent web browser (preferably Chrome) and can be used on the classroom IWB. The app is made to be used immediately. Therefore, no lesson preparation is required. If you do want to prepare as a teacher, you will find additional tips and instructions in the app. For the dance lessons in the app you don’t need to go to a playroom or gym, all assignments can be done in the classroom.

The assignments in the app are good for a project of several weeks, but can also be used as separate lessons.

Introduction screen from the Cacti App

About Cacti

The basis for the fourth NDT app for primary education is choreography Cacti by choreographer Alexander Ekman. With Cacti, created in 2010, Ekman amusingly challenges the viewer to reflect on modern dance as a higher art form.

Sixteen dancers move, seemingly trapped, on large white tiles. They run, fall, flounder and try to escape their invisible prison. In the end, they all manage to obtain a cactus. But what does it all mean?