Request the IWB-app Parade free of charge!

When using the app Parade, which NDT developed in collaboration with Uitgeverij Follow a Muse, children in grade 1 and 2 learn about modern dance in a playful way. A selection of beautiful video fragments of the piece Parade by choreographer Crystal Pite forms the basis. Discuss together what you see in the fragments, dance along with the infectious energizers and be inspired to make your own movements with the interactive dance animations.


The dance app is available free of charge for all primary schools and primary education umbrella organizations. Requesting the app is simple: fill in the form on this website and you receive a confirmation with your log in credentials, more information and instructions as soon as possible.

Instructions on using the app

The app contains six ready to use lesson manuals that offer a project for three to four weeks, but each lesson manual can also be used separately. The video fragments have been chosen because of the themes, that encourage to engage in a conversation with the students. The app also offers six energizers for the students to dance on in the classroom. Furthermore there is the possibility to experiment with creating movements by playing with the interactive dance animations in the app. With the content of the app, the teacher can decide on his own order, content and duration of the lessons.

The app is available through recent web browsers (preferably Chrome). Most of the educational material and lesson manuals are included as PDF documents in the app and can be printed.

The educational material is adapted to grade 1 and 2 and is in line with core goal 54 (SLO – TULE), artistic orientation in primary education.

About Parade

Parade is a dance piece that is created by Crystal Pite in 2013 especially for NDT. Clowns and soldiers star in Parade. Sometimes the clowns and soldiers challenge each other and face each other in camps, and sometimes they dance together in harmony. At the end it is no longer clear who is a clown and who is a soldier. Underneath a uniform or a clown suit and behind a tough or playful attitude, everyone ultimately turns out to be just human.