The Statement

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With this app from Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) children learn about modern dance in a playful way. The dance piece The Statement by choreographer Crystal Pite forms the basis of the app. Watch and discuss excerpts from the choreography, move along with short dance videos and experiment with image fragments to create your own dance and then perform it.

Each theme in the app can also be concluded with a lesson that creatively interprets the theme of citizenship. The teaching material is also in line with core objectives 54 and 55 (SLO) and lessons about social-emotional skills.

Please note: this app is only available in Dutch



The The Statement app was created for grade 5 and 6 teachers and is available at no cost to all elementary schools and primary education umbrella organizations.

Applying is easy: fill in the form completely and receive confirmation by return with the login details, more information and instructions.

Using the app

The app is available through a recent web browser (preferably Chrome) and can be used on the classroom IWB. The app is made to be used immediately. Therefore, no lesson preparation is required. If you do want to prepare as a teacher, you will find additional tips and instructions in the app. For the dance lessons in the app you don’t need to go to a playroom or gym, all assignments can be done in the classroom.

The assignments in the app are good for a project of several weeks, but can also be used as separate lessons. The teaching material is consistent with core objectives 54 and 55 (SLO) and lessons about social-emotional skills.


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About The Statement

The basis for the third NDT app for primary schools is choreographer Crystal Pite’s The Statement. The Statement, created in 2016 for the dancers of NDT 1, is a choreography for four dancers. The setting is formed by a large black table. The choreography features fast, tough and acrobatic movements in which the dancers portray four businessmen/women, or perhaps politicians.

The Statement highlights four characters, each with a distinct vision of their own. Frantic discussions, the making of friendships and the forging of plans form the guideline for this tough choreography in which movements and expressive, physical non-verbal communication are combined with spoken text.


“I am inspired by things that cannot be measured or understood. What interests me is the human mind and how we are connected to each other.”

Crystal Pite, choregrapher 'The Statement'