NDT Speaker Series – June 17

Speaker Series lecture

NDT Forum on Anti-Discrimination

WhatWhat makes you move, keynote by Anthony Heidweiller
When: Monday June 17, 18.00h
Where: NDT Blackbox

Join us for the brief lecture given by Anthony Heidweiller, What makes you move, on June 17 at 18:00 in the NDT Blackbox to conclude this seasons Speaker Series: Anthony will give a brief 1-hour keynote presentation on various interwoven themes such as regenerative art (education), social justice and ecology. 

Anthony forms part of the two-member direction at the Amsterdam Academy of Theatre and Dance. As a deputy director of the academy, he is responsible for inclusion & education in connection with society and has established a long track record in national and international professional practice. As artistic director/founder of the Yo Opera Festival and Vocal Statements, he focused on collaborating with new target groups to develop art projects that bridge the gap between the performing arts and multicultural communities and societies. For his work he received the Cultural Price, Cultuurprijs Utrecht and in 2022 he was appointed as Officier in de Orde van Orange-Nassau. Several seasons ago, Anthony also piloted the NDT Book Club focused on examining intersectional authors and content (such as Audre Lorde, Angela Davis, Toni Morrison, Gloria Wekker and James Baldwin).

We hope the event will be thought provoking for NDT staff and other organizations housed at Amare (such as the Royal Conservatory students and staff, Holland Dance Festival Staff, and Amare’s staff members). We hope to find you there!

Photo: Sjoerd Derine