Creaties studenten Young Talent Project 2020

Studenten over hun eigen creaties

Annakha – Anita nodilo

Dansers: Matchima Flos en Samanja Flos

Two people dancing is one dance
East and West are names
When I was my two sisters and I
I was full as a river
When I was my two sisters and I
I was free as the wind

Foto: Sacha Grootjans.

(un)comfortable – Hester Seelen

Dansers: Jelle-Johannes Hendrix, Elaine Meijerink, Samanja Flos, Soleil de Jager

Why do I feel uncomfortable
do I feel uncomfortable
I feel uncomfortable
feel uncomfortable

Foto: Sacha Grootjans.

Uncover – Moët Tsukada

Dansers: Josephine de Ruijter, Samanja Flos

I think we always have to keep discovering and keep our relationships alive.
What the others want, what they like, what they think…
But that doesn’t mean that you have to downgrade yourself and make your position lower and lower to the other. I think a good balance is necessary for a good relationship. The image of this piece is that the two dancers have a shell around them and they try to uncover it so they could really see who they are.

Foto: Sacha Grootjans.

Elegy for the Arctic – Leilani Holmes-Skrill

Dansers: Hinako Yukimoto, Hiroki Inokuchi

The earth has music for those who listen.
– George Santayana

Inspiration for this work bloomed from Ludovico Einaudi’s evocative and emotional piece of music ‘Elegy for the Arctic’, which he performed on a floating platform in the Arctic Ocean, surrounded by falling glaciers and feral winds.
This piece is a physical and visual ode to the Arctic, which is slowly dying. Therefore, I aimed to capture a celebration of reminiscent beauty with an underlying sense of loss. Where words fail, I have used movement to depict our interconnected and yet destructive relationship with our surroundings, and the inevitability of mortality for both us and our planet.

Foto: Sacha Grootjans.

EXI(S)T – Matchima Flos

Dansers: Alicia Vaseo en Jelle-Johannes Hendrix

Mijn choreografie EXI(S)T gaat over hoe wij als mensen soms zo verstrengeld zitten in een probleem in onszelf, daarvan de weg uit niet meer kunnen vinden en als het ware ‘verblind’ worden voor oplossingen. Een van de dingen die ik zo waardeer in vriendschappen is dat zij altijd een kijk hebben met een ander perspectief, je laten voelen dat je niet alleen hoeft te zijn om die weg te vinden en ons blijven herinneren dat ‘the exit exists’, hoe lang de zoektocht ook mag duren. Mijn besef over hoe belangrijk vriendschappen zijn, werd nog groter tijdens de lange quarantaine in het voorjaar en daarbij ook mijn inspiratie voor dit stuk.
Het creatieproces samen met mijn dansers was een ontzettende mooie, leerzame en leuke ervaring die ik zeker meeneem in de toekomst en ik kan niet wachten ze verder te zien groeien tijdens het creatieproces en uiteindelijk te zien op het toneel!

Foto: Sacha Grootjans.

Fate gap – Kazutora Komura

Dansers: Alicia Vaseo, Pascalle Opentij

For me, the various inspirations from the two opposite relationships of nature and humanity, women and men, and the energetic music of Mikael Karlsson played a very important role in creating this work.  We can feel what kind of influence each other has, the difference in the style of freedom and the destiny that must coexist, which leads to the current pandemic.

Foto: Sacha Grootjans.

In/Decisive  – Georgia Mourant

Dansers: Alicia Vaseo, Elaine Meijerink, Soleil de Jager

Decision making is an inescapable part of life, we make thousands each day. When faced with a complex decision we often doubt ourselves and have contradicting thoughts about which choice will benefit us the most. My choreography explores the conflict in the mind during the decision making process. The dancers individually reflect on their own past experiences to enhance their connectivity to the piece. It has been immensely inspiring to learn and work with these three gorgeous dancers throughout this entire project.

Foto: Sacha Grootjans.

One plus one – Julie Seyns

Dansers: Soleil de Jager, Elaine Meijerink

When I was creating this piece I was inspired by my two beautiful dancers and the amazing connection that they have as friends. Their strong bond and physical similarities often lead people to believe they are sisters. In my choreography I want to emphasize the connection that they have, how they bring out the best in each other and the differences between them. That’s why I chose to point out the strongness from Soleil in the first solo and the softness from Elaine in the last solo.

Foto: Sacha Grootjans.

genuine – Nozomi Nakabayashi

Dansers: Pascalle Opentij, Hiroki Inokuchi

There is something in your life that you can never see and you won’t even notice.  It may suddenly let you go and you may get lost by it.

Foto: Sacha Grootjans.

Inherent conflict – Nanaho Kugawa

Dansers: Jelle-Johannes Hendrix (Josephine de Rijter, Hinako Yukimoto)

The idea for this piece came from the concept  that we all have times of conflict with our hearts in our daily lives. With emotions of happiness, anger and sorrow we are always living. That’s why we fight our hearts when we don’t get our way. But every time we don’t battle with ourselves, we help each other with our hearts like friends, and people resolve the content of their conflicts.

Foto: Sacha Grootjans.