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We verwelkomen u graag in NDT’s digitale theater, waar u kunt  genieten van de livestream van de voorstelling Endlessly Free van NDT 1, live vanuit het Zuiderstrandtheater in Den Haag!  Heeft u al een ticket? Dan kunt u op 17 september de livestream hieronder bekijken.

Nog geen ticket? klik op de button ‘Koop toegang voor stream’ om u zelf te verzekeren van een unieke link die u toegang geeft tot de livestream!

De livestream start op donderdag 17 september om 19.00 uur, de daadwerkelijke voorstelling start om 20.00 uur (CET) en duurt ongeveer 70 minuten, inclusief twee korte pauzes. Zorg dat u ruim van te voren alles gereed hebt, om van de livestream te kunnen genieten!

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Veel gestelde vragen en antwoorden

What are live streams?

We strive to broadcast several performances of each program in the 2021-2022 season live from Amare in The Hague to dance lover’s homes all over the world via live streams on the NDT website. Some performances danced by the dancers of NDT on stage in Amare will be filmed live and then streamed. This means that you can attend the performance live at home, and watch the performance on a screen in your own living room. This is by no means a diluted theater experience. The dancers and support teams make every effort to make your visit to our online 'theatre' as special and inspiring as possible.

Tickets for the live streams cost € 15 each.

Where can I watch the livestream?

The livestream can be played on any screen: on your PC, laptop, phone or iPad / tablet. For the best theater experience, we recommend using the largest screen possible, or connecting your laptop to a television screen, for example (read how to do this here).

What do I need to watch the livestream?

  • You'll need a device to watch the livestream, we advise a tablet, laptop or desktop PC with an updated browser. Alternatively you can watch on your smartphone.
  • You'll need a good internet connection, preferably via a cable, but wifi or 4G will also work.
  • You'll need the unique access link. After we received your payment, we will automatically send you the access link.

Can I watch the stream from outside the Netherlands?

Yes you can watch the stream from all over the world. Please keep in mind that there can be a time difference. The livestream will be played at 8pm CET (Central European Time).

Can I pause the live stream or watch it again later?

No, if you pause the live stream and play again later, the stream will start at the live moment. It will not be recorded.

Can I watch the live stream with other people?

After you bought acces, you will receive a unique link, that vcan be used on one device at the time. It is up to you to decide with how many people you watch the stream of course, but do'nt share the link!

I bought a ticket for a live stream. What happens next?

Once you paid on our website with creditcard or Ideal, you will automatically receive an email with an access link. With this link you can watch the live stream. This is a personal and unique link, so we advice you not to share it with anyone. The stream can only be watched on one device at the time!

Please note: if you bought tickets through Amare box office / ticket system, you will first receive a confirmation of  your order (in Dutch). Shortly before the performance you will receive another e-mail with the unique access link.