Season 2020-2021

Programming January - July 2021

This theater season is extraordinary as a result of the developments around COVID-19. Our dancers and the rest of the organization always adapt to the situation as best they can. Meanwhile, beautiful, new creation processes take place and we present you beautiful, new programs. Only a very small audience can see them in the theater, but fortunately a much larger audience can see them in our digital theater on

Despite all measures, we are proud to share our plans for the second half of this season!

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Live streams


In addition to performances in the theatre, we also offer you something new for the programmes of the 2020-2021 season: live streams! The performance that is danced by the dancers of NDT on stage in the Zuiderstrandtheater will be filmed and streamed live. This means that you can attend the performance live at home, watching it on a screen in your own living room. A unique experience!

We strive to broadcast three performances of each program live.