NDT At Home

Dance at home with NDT

We invite everyone to join us

Get up and dance along with the NDT dancers in your own home! Be inspired by various online workshop videos: learn fragments from NDT repertoire or participate in an improvisation workshop.

Workshop repertoire: 'Cacti' by Alexander Ekman

This season 2020-2021 is Jesse Callaert’s fourth season at NDT. In this online repertoire workshop he teaches you a 1-minute (!) phrase from Cacti, a ballet that Alexander Ekman created in 2010 especially for NDT 2.  Cacti is perhaps Ekman’s most loved ballet worldwide.

A tip from Jesse: you will be on your knees for quite a long time during this online workshop, so you might want to put on knee pads. Are you up for the challenge to dance the phrase to the music? Dance along with Jesse!

Workshop repertoire: 'Wir sagen uns Dunkles' by Marco Goecke

Nicole Ishimaru is a dancer with NDT 1 starting this 2020-2021 season. In this video she teaches you a part of her solo from the NDT 2 ballet Wir sagen uns Dunkles by associate choreographer Marco Goecke. Nicole was part of the original cast of Wir sagen uns Dunkles and she created this solo together with Goecke.

The phrase is danced quite quickly and is therefore a bit challenging. Accept the challenge and dance along with Nicole!

You can learn to improvise


Improvisation: we have done it a lot lately and we can certainly still use our talent for that. NDT and ABN AMRO asked NDT dancers Luca Tessarini and Nicole Ishimaru to inspire you with an online improvisation video.

Everybody can do this! Will you join us?

Especially these improvisation workshops are extremely important to us. They are nurturing us in times like these where we don’t really have another escape. It’s a form of escape for us, it’s a form of freedom for us.

Luca Tessarini