Switch Streams live

10 April 2020

In times of self-isolation in the struggle against the corona crisis, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) does everything it can to bring the art of dance and the creativity of movement to the fore. Earlier this week, the company presented its Quarantine Creation relay film on the various NDT channels. This time, the dancers of NDT proudly presented Switch Streams, a full-fledged, unique online performance that will be broadcast live on NDT’s Facebook page at 20:00 (CET) on 16 April.

The live stream is finished

Switch Streams is part of Switch in which dancers from NDT 1 and NDT 2 single-handedly put together a unique program of works they have created themselves. Switch Streams consists of eight creations of 5 minutes each, performed live in the living room of the respective maker (s) and / or dancer (s). The evening will be presented by NDT 1 dancer Roger Van der Poel. Switch Streams is broadcast via Zoom with a live broadcast connection to the NDT Facebook page, giving the entire NDT’s global fan base a chance to watch the performance.

We are all very excited to share with you our first Switch Stream
An evening of creativity.
Peek into the intimate and private spaces of the dancers of NDT a place where creativity is flowing, breathing, and doing well.
What happens when the only partners around are our housemates, roommates, kids, partners or plants? Creativity comes to life.
These days we are all experiencing the rapid development of technologies and learn new ways to stay connected, that is all through creativity. It keeps us going and afloat.
The dancers of NDT have taken over, and will take you along through an evening in the spirit of sharing.

The Switch team

Very worth repeating!

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