Live streams ‘Dare to Say’ reach more than 6,000 visitors

10 November 2020

The current measures taken by the national government to combat COVID-19 mean that theaters are closed to the public. From 6 to 8 November has Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) presented three performances of the NDT 2 program Dare to Say exclusively via digital live streams. Successfully!

Worldwide, nearly 6,000 tickets were sold for the three live streams, and audiences from more than 50 different countries were reached. The tickets cost 15 euros.

In the program Dare to Say, the dancers of NDT 2 performed the world premiere Fusions and some confusions by choreographer Dimo Milev, in addition to the ballet Four Relations, a remake that choreographer Alexander Ekman made of his work Maybe Two (2013).

What is special is that NDT sees an upward trend in the success of the live streams. Compared to the previous series of live streams around NDT 1’s Endlessly Free program, the number of tickets sold has even doubled!

The live stream has proved to be an excellent alternative in this unprecedented time. NDT is happy to be able to offer its performances via this digital way. With intimate and precise camera work, the company aspires to provide its audience with a digital experience that brings NDT creations closer to the viewer.

The nice thing about live stream is how close the camera can get to reveal the dramatic talent.

on livestream Dare to Say with works by Alexander Ekman and Dimo Milev

Following the success, NDT is also presenting the next NDT 1 program to the public via live streams. Following the success of Yoann Bourgeois’ first collaboration with the company with NDT 2 in 2019, his latest NDT 1 piece entitled I wonder where the dreams I don’t Remember go will premiere on November 30, 2020. This time in NDT’s own home, the Lucent Danstheater in The Hague. The performances will be shown to the public again via live streams on 3, 4, and 5 December. Ticket sales start next week!

Fortunately, such a live stream also has advantages: people worldwide can experience the performance this way. It gives a sense of connection to know that so many people are watching at the same time.

on livestream Dare to Say with works by Alexander Ekman and Dimo Milev