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NDT Summer Intensive 2016


De NDT Summer Intensive 2016 vond plaats in seizoen 2015-2016.

Van 1 tot en met 13 augustus 2016 vindt de NDT Summer Intensive plaats! Deze editie wordt onder andere mogelijk gemaakt door ABN AMRO, onze partner in talentontwikkeling. Met de Summer Intensive benadrukt Nederlands Dans Theater het belang van talentonwikkeling binnen ons gezelschap, iets wat ook artistiek directeur Paul Lightfoot hoog in het vaandel heeft: “What people should know when they enter these doors, is that NDT is about development.”

Met de Summer Intensive biedt NDT een intensieve cursus aan, gebaseerd op de artistieke visie, werkwijze en repertoire van het gezelschap. De cursus vindt plaats in de eigen studio’s van NDT in het Lucent Danstheater en sluit af met de NDT Summer Intensive Showcase, tevens in het Lucent Danstheater. De deelnemers krijgen middels deze cursus een uitgebreid kijkje achter de schermen bij NDT, en in het artistieke hart van het gezelschap.

Niet alleen de deelnemers, maar ook hun docenten krijgen tijdens de cursus de kans zichzelf te ontwikkelen. Laatstgenoemden zijn voornamelijk dansers uit NDT 1 en kunnen zich dankzij de cursus verder ontwikkelen als repetitor, docent en choreograaf. Dit jaar wordt er onder andere lesgegeven door NDT 1 dansers Lydia Bustinduy, Sarah Reynolds, Marne van Opstal, Myrthe van Opstal, Roger Van der Poel en Meng-ke Wu. Zij zullen de deelnemers het repertoire van bijvoorbeeld huischoreografen Sol León en Paul Lightfoot en Crystal Pite aanleren.

Tijdens de cursus worden de cursisten naar leeftijd ingedeeld in drie groepen. Het dagelijkse programma weerspiegelt het dagschema van NDT en bestaat uit onder meer balletles, repertoire les en het werken aan nieuwe composities. Dit jaar worden de nieuwe composities gemaakt onder leiding van choreografen Peter Chu, Menghan Lou en Lukáš Timulak.

De afsluiting van de cursus is de NDT Summer Intensive Presentatie, die plaats vindt op zaterdag 13 augustus in het Lucent Danstheater in Den Haag. Deze bijzondere avond is toegankelijk voor publiek en gaat om 19:00 uur van start. Het avondvullende programma bestaat naast open repetities uit de presentatie van NDT repertoire en de nieuwe composities die tijdens de cursus zijn gemaakt.

NDT Summer Intensive wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door ABN AMRO, dat naast hun founding partnerschap dit project extra ondersteunt. Met haar programma ‘Partner van de Toekomst’ wil ABN AMRO talentontwikkeling stimuleren om alles eruit te halen wat er in zit, door het ondersteunen van ambitieuze particulieren maar ook cultuur-, sport- en educatie-instellingen die iets bijzonders willen bereiken.

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Seizoen 2015-2016 | 1 – 13 augustus 2016
Den Haag

It’s a massive honour and privilege working with these young talents. They are the future of dance. I am lucky to have the opportunity to share some of the knowledge I have gained over the course of my career with them. The Summer Intensive is a wonderfully juicy dose of the NDT repertory with a generous amount of passion, hard work and motivation. The modern traditions associated with the NDT style as we create every day in the studio are learnt from each other. I hope to be able to pass this on to our participants.”

Sarah Reynolds, docent
over NDT Summer Intensive 2016


Peter Chu


Menghan Lou

Lukáš Timulak


It is a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved to share and live this experience to the fullest. Time seems to be compressed for a little and therefore it is sort of a reminder to live ‘right now’ in the moment and make the best out of it.”

Lukáš Timulak, choreograaf
over NDT Summer Intensive 2016

Interview: “I love being a part of their two-week ride in this great madness that is dance!”

Foto: Rahi Rezvani. Danser: Roger Van der Poel.
Foto: Rahi Rezvani. Artistiek Directeur: Paul Lightfoot.

NDT 1 dancer Roger Van der Poel (Portugal, 1983) has been a member of the company since 2006 and performed in numerous ballets by critically acclaimed choreographers such as Hans van Manen, Jiří Kylián, Sol León and Paul Lightfoot, and Crystal Pite. Roger’s striving for perfection made him pay attention to choreographic details, which resulted in taking steps towards teaching. This year he will be part of the NDT Summer Intensive teaching staff for the sixth year in a row. NDT’s artistic director Paul Lightfoot sits down with Roger to talk about his participation in the Summer Intensive.

P I’m curious to know in what way teaching for NDT Summer Intensive added value to your career as a dancer?

R To me, being a good dancer isn’t only about how well you execute steps on stage. There is much more to it! Teaching for the Summer Intensive has made me see things through different perspectives and it has improved some of my skills as a dancer. When I became a teacher, I began relating to those who taught me in the past and those who still do. It made me more aware of what the position entails and that makes me value the people in that role much more. It reinforced my professionalism. My relationship with ballet masters and choreographers has always been one of respect, understanding and complicity, but teaching enhanced that for me. As for my dancing, I learn steps faster, achieve refinement and precision in movement more efficiently, make smarter choices on how to communicate and manage diverse work situations. Ultimately, it developed me artistically!

P And what is it like for you to work with young dancers, how do you connect with them?

R It requires having my senses be more awake. I need to be open and sensitive to the students, because everyone is different. I observe how they work, move, and deal with challenges and obstacles and how they relate to others in the group. Spotting strengths and weaknesses and using those to improve oneself is essential. Being a dancer or a teacher is much more than just relating to steps or movement, it is also (and very importantly) about work ethic. I believe communication, clarity, respect and motivation play a strong role in getting the best out of people. I ‘roll’ and ‘ride the wave’ with the students during our time together and see where it leads us. At the end of the day, the NDT Summer Intensive is all about the exchange, the overall experience.

P So during this exchange between teacher and student, where do you find challenges or what excites you?

R The overall challenge is to help each dancer reach the highest level of technicality and artistry within their potential: finding the best way to explain physically or verbally what it is you are aiming to see or feel from them, helping them spot the details that need attention, and when in big groups, giving everyone enough space and attention to develop themselves to the highest degree possible. What I find exciting is to see the results of our work together. Seeing their progression and fast development, watching them go through the stages of curiosity, doubt and frustration, all the way to their ‘eureka’ moments when things fall into place. I love being a part of their two-week ride in this great madness that is dance!

P And of course, you rehearse pieces with the participants that you performed in yourself. What is it like for you to pass on the repertoire to a younger generation?

R Since I know the repertoire quite well, it makes it easier for me to pass on the information, and give my personal tips and tricks. What is amazing is how much I get back from it! I learn new things myself by teaching it and by watching them. Every time I had to perform a piece after having taught it during the NDT Summer Intensive, I have performed it so much better. I feel it sinks deeper in me and the understanding of it becomes greater. Sometimes it is important to step out, see it from the outside, and then get back into it. The approach is usually different and that is useful.

I love passing it on to a younger generation. It is so fulfilling to see hungry young aspiring artists
experience, strive and thrive in something of this level of difficulty. I love to share something I experienced, that means so much to so many of them!

P So ultimately, what would you like to pass on to your students during the NDT Summer Intensive for their future career in dance?

R I want to inspire and motivate them, to share my experience and knowledge and, last but not least, make a positive mark that will make them remember our time together.


Sacha Grootjans has been dedicated to photography since 2009. Dance photography is one of his greatest passions and he has been creating images for NDT’s Talent Development & Education department since 2012. It is the third time Grootjans documented the NDT Summer Intensive. Tonight, the results of his unique visual registration are displayed in the photo exhibition and this programme booklet.

Sacha Grootjans

Sacha Grootjans: “What fascinates me in photography is the search. A search to improve, to evoke and to surprise. Directing or simply observing, finding the moments that move me and make me want to capture it at the same time. I’m fascinated by people in motion and their ability to master their body or craft to perfection.

In creating images for the NDT Summer Intensive 2016, I sought to capture two contrasting sides of the course. Anybody looking at these dancers, will immediately experience an overwhelming sense of positive energy, beauty and elegance. Participants who give their heart and soul to the movements, enjoying every minute of it. But this ‘light side’ inevitably comes with a ‘darker side’. Moments of struggle, fatigue, confrontation and frustration that are also a part of the experience. This duality fascinates me and resulted in opposing black and white images that testify to this contrast of struggle and relief.

Tonight, a photo exhibition with large size prints of my images invites the audience to truly get involved in the images and the emotion they evoke. Not as a bystander, but as a first hand experience.”


NDT Summer Intensive changed my life, it’s changing it now and I’m sure it will change it again and again.

Lua Mayenco Cardenal, Groep C
over NDT Summer Intensive 2016