Nicky Daniels

Nicky Daniels

In order to dance, I have to feel first. I allow my insides to be worn outwards, a blueprint that leads my whole self through whatever reality I am in contact with. Connecting to a world that does not bind the ordinary, but reaches an outlet of expression through a genderless skin of mine. Dancing for me gives me a space to accept all the broken, damaged, loving, dirty and tasteful parts of my identity. It teaches me everyday my desires, weaknesses, and exposes my most honest self. – Nicky


Date of birth
18 January 1999

Place of birth
New Jersey, United States


Arts Umbrella (2018-2020)

Professional experience
Creation for NDT’s Kunstkamer with Crystal Pite- cover role
Apprenticeship with NDT 2 in the 2020-2021 season
NDT 2 dancer since August 2021

in 'About Now' by Noé Soulier. Photo: Rahi Rezvani
Nicky in Charlie Skuy's piece 'Centrifugal Bumblepuppy' for Switch '21. Photo: Erik de Roij
In Jordan Pelliteri's piece 'Scene' for Switch '21. Photo: Erik de Roij