NDT’s Golden Rules

NDT must be a safe workplace for everyone. To ensure this, we formulated these Golden Rules that apply to everyone in the organization. We feel it is crucial that the Golden Rules are communicated clearly both internally and externally so that these rules don’t remain words on paper, but are collectively carried out in practice.

  • NDT is a safe environment for all its employees and visitors:
  • We do not tolerate undesirable conduct, including general and sexual harassment, aggression and violence, bullying, intimidation, discrimination, racism, transphobia, or homophobia;
  • Anyone affiliated with our organization should contribute to maintaining a mutually respectful environment and treatment of each individual;
  • Inclusion is a way of thinking, being, and making decisions about helping everyone belong:
  • We are aware that NDT as a company and we as its employees are privileged. Therefore, it is our shared responsibility to support the international dance community and society at large;
  • Let us be curious, appreciate, and be challenged by others;
  • Respect the dignity of each individual:
  • Dignity is the state or quality of being worthy of respect and feeling that one’s worth is a vital part of belonging to society (and NDT);
  • We will look to our behavior with a critical eye: We are aware of our own biases and are open to receive constructive feedback from our colleagues;
  • We are aware of our impact on others (around us);
  • Speak with others, rather than about others, and inform yourself well: Don’t form an opinion on a situation, incident, or person without knowing all the facts;
  • Be and stay in touch and communicate with each other regularly: not only as a result of an incident;
  • Look after each other: Health and social safety are shared responsibilities.