The mission, vision and the profile of NDT

Dance is, at its core, a democratic act. It harbours an unspoken intelligence about self-expression and community. We don’t all have to speak the same language, but we can share the same space and find common ground within minutes, no matter how diverse we are. I find that a beautiful metaphor for society.

Emily Molnar
artistic director NDT


NDT’s purpose is to offer unique experiences and perspectives in dance that engage conversation and promote diversity. NDT is a leading contemporary dance company dedicated to creation, research, and talent development. In its commitment to innovation throughout all aspects of the company, NDT collaborates with international choreographers and artists and connects with audiences and communities in The Hague, the Netherlands, and all over the world.


At the heart of NDT is a commitment to collaboration, curiosity, innovation and community. Like all art, dance creates, provokes and inspires an open space for dialogue towards an inclusive society. We believe every human being deserves to experience the pleasure of art and that today, more than ever, we need channels of expression to help us examine the world.

Core values

  • We are curious.
  • We engage.
  • We collaborate.
  • We innovate.
  • Why and how are as imporant as what.


Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) is an internationally recognized contemporary dance company dedicated to creation, research, and talent development. Each season NDT collaborates with upcoming and renowned choreographers and artists from around the world in its commitment to being a creation house for diverse voices, ideas and approaches in dance. The company consists of NDT 1 and NDT 2 (for talented emerging artists) and is based in The Hague, the Netherlands. It tours worldwide to perform in Europe, America, Asia and Australia for 150,000 visitors annually, connecting to a large range of audiences and communities in the Netherlands and all over the world. Through performances in the theatre, online performances and activities in the field of education and talent development, we reach a large and international audience.