Young Talent Project 2020

2 October 2020

Students of the Dance Department of the Royal Conservatoire get acquainted with NDT

The eighth edition of the Young Talent Project started in September: a unique talent development project of Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) in collaboration with the Royal Conservatoire (RC) in which students of the Dance Department of the RC are introduced to the working method of NDT. The young students get acquainted with challenging, artistic work processes in order to develop their own skills, knowledge and repertoire.

During two months, existing NDT repertoire will be rehearsed, a fragment from Cacti which Alexander Ekman created for NDT 2 in 2010 and an excerpt from Crystal Pite’s ballet The Second Person (2007) for NDT 1. In addition, the students are working on a new creation with choreographer and former NDT dancer Marne van Opstal.

This edition, for the first time, the young dance students also create their own work under the supervision of coaches associated with NDT. These are former NDT 2 dancer Ève-Marie Dalcourt and former NDT dancers and choreographers Spencer Dickhaus and Lukas Timulak. The coaches provide tools for improvisation and composition, with which the students learn to research, experiment and reflect. This new trajectory is designed to stimulate the creativity of the students by using their creative and reflective abilities.

Photo: Sacha Grootjans

Young Talent Project will conclude with four performances in November at the Lucent Danstheater, the home of NDT. The students will perform the NDT repertoire they have learned, the new creation by Marne van Opstal and their own work.

More information about the performances and ticket sales will follow at the end of October, please keep an eye on the website.

Read more about the project here.


ABN AMRO sponsors game changers. People who want to achieve something, go-getters. They see these people as the driving force behind our society, because they also inspire others to groundbreaking achievements.

As Founding Partner of NDT, ABN AMRO takes responsibility to encourage, stimulate and celebrate the passion of young dancers and the company. In addition to general support for the two pillars of NDT, creation and talent development, ABN AMRO also specifically supports the Young Talent Project.

NDT greatly values the cooperation and involvement of all parties who support the company and contribute to the development of young talent and therefore thanks ABN AMRO for their support.