Young Talent Project

Talent development

Since 2013, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) and the Royal Conservatoire (RC) have been working together on a unique project: Young Talent Project (YTP). YTP  is a two-way talent development project. On the one hand, YTP gives young dance students of the RC the opportunity to get in contact with the working method of NDT and to further develop their talent as a versatile dancer during the project. On the other hand, the project offers the possibility to (former) NDT dancers to develop themselves as a teacher, repetitor or choreographer within a professional dance institute. Young Talent Project goes beyond just teaching NDT repertoire; for three months, the students are involved in the process of creating a choreography at NDT on a daily basis.

Photo: Sacha Grootjans

The new piece taught me a lot about the expectations of a company dancer and the process of creating a new work.

Student Royal Conservatoire