Exciting extra projects for NDT dancers

12 February 2021

Choreographers working on alternative projects

This season is extraordinary as a result of the developments around COVID-19. As a dance company touring nationally and internationally, at NDT we consider ourselves very lucky to have had the opportunity to bring our dance art to a worldwide audience via our live streams. However, so far, many of our performances in Dutch and international theaters had to be cancelled unfortunately due to corona measures.

We have decided to make the absolute best of the available time that has opened up in front of us, taking the opportunity to research and build new ideas which support our mission as a dance house and that invest in the development, creativity and inspiration of our NDT dancers and our desire to reach out to audiences in unique ways. As a response to the cancellation of performances for both NDT 1 and NDT 2, we have invited choreographers to work with our dancers on alternative projects outside of our regular programming.

Tom Weinberger is currently creating a new work together with the NDT 2 dancers, which is specially made for spaces outside the traditional theater set up. Earlier this season, choreographer Michael Schumacher worked closely with NDT 1 on a site specific work that is fully scored by improvisation and instant composition. Both of these projects are offering new perspectives and creative discovery for us as a company.

At NDT we are exploring venues and possible dates to bring you these new projects. Keep an eye on our website where more information will follow.

In the studio with Tom Weinberger. Photo: Jesse Callaert