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Digital programme book ‘Up & Coming Choreographers’

Welcome to 'Up & Coming Choreographers'

Dear friends,

We are delighted to welcome you to Up & Coming Choreographers, the final NDT 2 programme of the 2021-2022 season, and a collaboration with our creative partner Korzo.

This season’s edition includes three world premieres by new voices to NDT. We are excited to introduce you to Liliana Barros, Jermaine Spivey and Emilie Leriche, whose creation is part of an exchange with GöteborgsOperans Danskompani that focuses on supporting female choreographers.

With Up & Coming Choreographers, NDT and Korzo aim to provide a fertile ground for the development of a new generation of makers by offering them a platform to explore and develop their creativity with the dancers of NDT 2.

We would like to thank our many passionate collaborators, dancers, NDT team and Korzo for their incredible hard work and commitment. And to you, our audience, thank you for joining us. We are eager to share this evening with you!

Emily Molnar
Artistic Director

In collaboration with Korzo

'Code Of Conduct' by Jermaine Spivey. Dancers: Emmitt Cawley, Auguste Palayer, Rui-Ting Yu, Demi Bawon, Ricardo Hartley III. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos


Dancers: Ivo Mateus, Kele Roberson, Annika Verplancke. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos

Kenedy Kallas, Ivo Mateus, Austin Meiteen, Kele Roberson, Nova Valkenhoff, Annika Verplancke

Ted Lucas: Baby Where You Are. Licensed by Yoga Records.
Neil Cross: Spanish Romance Guitar (Solo Guitar).
Wolff Bergen: The trees of Köpstadsö.
Shlomi Shaban: (Mama You Been On My Mind ) מותק את אצלי בראש [עיר. Licensed by Sony Music Publishing & NMC United Entertainment Ltd.
Trio Ramberget: E Major. Licensed by Piano & Coffee Records. Gustav Davidsson – Trombone, Johanna Ekholm – Double bass, Pelle Westlin – Bass Clarinet
Recorded text from podcast Love + Radio – ‘The Living Room’. Curtesy of Nick van der Kolk.

Yuka Hisamatsu

Emilie Leriche

Spencer Dickhaus

June 30, 2022, Korzo The Hague

23 minutes

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Dancers: Kenedy Kallas, Ivo Mateus, Austin Meiteen, Kele Roberson, Nova Valkenhoff, Annika Verplancke. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos

Emilie Leriche

Instead, I said “Let go.”
And they said, “How much?”
Together we thought, “All of it.”


Admiration and gratitude for my team of dancers for stepping into the studio each day with me to create this world and inhabit it with such honesty and humanness.

Deep appreciation to Spencer Dickhaus for supporting the process and those of us surrounding it at every twist and turn.

Special thanks to Shlomi Shaban for his music, curiosity, and support.

And thank you to Nick van der Kolk and Love+Radio, for creating a space for people to share their stories – and thus a space for us all to be inspired.

Read Emilie Leriche’s biography

Dancers: Kennedy Kallas, Austin Meiteen, Ivo Mateus. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos

Code Of Conduct

Dancers: Emmitt Cawley, Ricardo Hartley III, Auguste Palayer, Demi Bawon. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos

Demi Bawon, Emmitt Cawley, Ricardo Hartley III, Auguste Palayer, Rui-Ting Yu

New composition by Jermaine Spivey

Yuka Hisamatsu

Jermaine Spivey

Ander Zabala

June 30, 2022, Korzo The Hague

21 minutes

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Dancers: Rui-Ting Yu, Demi Bawon, Ricardo Hartley III. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos

Jermaine Spivey

Code Of Conduct:

 Formal and Shifting
The Questions bring us closer
The answers Agree and Disagree
See through your ears
Listen through your eyes
Leading is Falling
Settlement Underscored by Unsettlement
In all seriousness, Play
How you were is Where you are is What you will Be

Read Jermaine Spivey’s biography

Dansers: Demi Bawon, Auguste Palayer. Foto: Joris-Jan Bos


Dancers: Cassandra Martin, Barry Gans, Omani Ormskirk, Úrsula Urgeles, Nick Daniels, Samuel van der Veer. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos
By Liliana Barros

Nick Daniels, Barry Gans, Cassandra Martin, Omani Ormskirk, Úrsula Urgeles, Samuel van der Veer

New composition by Martin Mitterstieler

Lisette van der Linden

Liliana Barros

Lydia Bustinduy

June 30, 2022, Korzo The Hague

19 minutes

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Dancers: Cassandra Martin, Nick Daniels. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos

Liliana Barros

Like an artificial underworld, GROTTO extends with an abstract landscape where hybrid beings navigate a realm of relationships, developed tactics and power plays.
In this almost dystopian setting the collective engages in a journey of transformation and symbiosis. As an organised structure they act in search of a sense of belonging and connection. The distorted figures and (un)pleasant bizarreness indulge in a excessive physicality, it’s spectacular character, playing naturally with borders and definitions.
Ignited by an expression of the Grotesque, it functions as an existential experience, as an anthropological device that we might use to understand states of being other.

Read the full biography of Liliana Barros

GROTTO' by Liliana Barros. Dancer: Úrsula Urgeles. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos.

Demi on Code Of Conduct:

“What does belonging to a group mean? What happens when a group agrees…or disagrees? Does the rhythm between those people change? Does the rhythm inside of you, the individual, change? Do you even have to agree or disagree or is there a grey undefined space in which we can exist?” These questions marked the beginning of a thoughtful and wonderful creation process with Jermaine Spivey. He managed to create a safe space full of playfulness and question in which real connection, listening and genuinely receiving and responding were our daily practices. He showed us that dancing is as natural as walking, it’s no more than a shift of weight, use of opposition, extension and articulation. Play with these elements and you suddenly created a “choreography”. This process has given me a new perspective on freedom and control and I’m very excited to share the connection and relationship our group is continuing to establish.”

Demi in 'Code of Conduct'. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos

Nick on GROTTO:

“Anonymous creature, androgynous misshape, intorsion in conversation with our wired figures. Some of these words come to my mind working with Liliana. This process for me has encapsulated an imaginative sphere of dialogue in relation to the group/terrestrial ecosystem we belong to. In the beginning of developing this work we were shown fascinating images of these mutated animals and or living things birthed from emergence. Some inspiration I drew for my character’s digital makeup stems from some footage I saw of a crab rediscovering how to walk again after amputating it’s own limb.

A big thank you to Liliana for creating a space that provokes resourcefulness, creativity, and what it means to truly be alive. I feel this world we have unlocked is dripping into my blueprint as an artist and I’m curious to continually dip more into this unhinged trip of a universe.”

Ivo on Well:

A still Reflection.
Moving towards-
Leaving us with
Memories being a-
Living (e)motion.
The room holds it all.

There’s beauty in stillness. I feel like Emilie together with us created this idea of a ‘still life’ inside this room where we are only meant to be our unique selves.
The space doesn’t ask for much, but it holds a whole bunch.
Sensitivity, possibility, clumsiness, playfulness, innocence and care between and whiting each other.

Thank you Emilie and Spencer for providing this touching experience.”

Ivo together with Kele Roberson in 'Well'. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos

Samuel on GROTTO:

“There is no denying that we are all confined to our human form. While sometimes we live in disagreeance with our form and sometimes our form seems to revolt against us, every one is beautifully unique and holds incredible ability and potential.

The world we created, together with Liliana; embraces the relationships we have with our physical constraints. Through defining their hardwired tendencies and behavior, this piece brings to life creatures that also live with anatomical boundaries. But together, can overcome their physical restraints by morphing into new creatures. In symbiosis; in a constant state of morphing; instinctual and in collective awareness.

As a dance artist I am on an everlasting quest to find quality of movement with the possibilities my specific human body (and this is in constant flux!) has to offer. With guidance from Lily, through movement and dance; I am finding freedom beyond compare, unbothered by my own physical constraints.”

Samuel together with Nick in 'GROTTO'. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos

Ricardo on Code Of Conduct:

“To be immersed in Jermaine’s world is to exist with an open heart for curiosity and the invention of chaos. This process has been the catalyst for an overwhelming amount of passion to create a necessary and thoughtful atmosphere and to uphold what it means to exist in a collective yet, somehow remain true to our own individual values, morals, and adaptations. We have questioned what it means to be specific yet spontaneous, our role to disagreement and agreement, and our understanding of the past is only memory; therefore, it is all about the inner and outer experience of the current moment. The experience is the dance. The dance is the experience.”

Nova on Well


We are always searching for a home
to be at home
It’s that certain feeling that grows overtime, that you don’t really notice
But at some random moment in time
You get caught with that feeling
And you realize that
That person
That place
Is home

The seven of us are all finding ourselves in a place of transition. Transitioning within ourselves, as well as literally in transition.
Moving countries. Signing new contracts. Saying a temporary bye to people that had felt like home. Starting a new chapter of our lives. Finding new homes. But also saying goodbye to the four walls that had been our home for a little while. The room.

These four walls have seen everything. It’s the home you have felt a hundred different emotions in. The home you have gotten great news in. But also the home you have gotten sad news in. The home you have made friends in. The home you have had arguments in. The home you felt exhausted, tired, and sad in.  The home where you have loved and have been loved. The home where you have struggled. The home that came after another home. It is the home within you.

Well is a world created by all our memories, emotions and feelings that exists in the room. And every little thing that happens in between. The mess, the care, the frustration, the playfullness, the detail, the sensitivity, the day to day. Our safe space.

The room is our never ending well of sensitivity
and Well is a room filled with seven stories in one.”

Nova in 'Well'. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos
'GROTTO' by Liliana Barros. Dancers: Úrsula Urgeles, Samuel van der Veer, Omani Ormskirk. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos.
'Well' by Emilie Leriche. Dancers: Austin Meiteen, Kenedy Kallas. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos
'Code Of Conduct' by Jermaine Spivey. Dancers: Rui-Ting Yu, Ricardo Hartley III. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos

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