Auguste Palayer

Auguste Palayer

Hello, I’m Auguste. I’m French but I grew up in Spain, I started with NDT 2  in 2019 after dreaming about it my entire life. In my first season, our first programme was called Kunstkamer, and it celebrated NDT’S 60th anniversary. For the occasion both companies got together for the production. The dancers, the technicians, the ballet masters, the orchestra, the costume department, we were all working hand in hand and were somehow coordinated thanks to this thing I heard was called “fourth floor”. This is a memory I’ll cherish forever!

My colleagues at NDT are a huge part of what makes this place unique for me. I am constantly challenged as a human, questioning ideologies, ideas, concepts… we all come from such different backgrounds, and respect each other so much… and that creates a safe space that blooms above all of us. 

During this pandemic, that has been very difficult for all of us but for certain people more than others, I consider myself to have been very lucky to be able to go to work every day and continue an artistic research as well as a physical practice… Nevertheless it also opened a lot of questions for me on the place we have in society as dancers.

I am though, very passionate in seeing where contemporary dance is evolving and mutating nowadays… where dance merges with theatre, with music in a way it never did before, with cinema or film making… these are such incredible evolutions to look forward too.

And this house has the means the openness and the public to crave for this evolution! That’s very exciting! 🙂

Thanks for reading and clicking on my picture, I hope you will enjoy, enjoyed or are enjoying one of our performances 🙂 – Auguste

Auguste in 'Folkå' (2021) by Marcos Morau. Photo: Rahi Rezvani


Date of Birth
8 March 2001

Place of Birth
Valence, France


Conservatori de Música I Dansa de Palma de Mallorca
École de Danse de Cannes-Mougins/Rosella Hightower

Professional experience
Joined NDT 2 in August 2019

In 'Postscript' by Sol León & Paul Lightfoot. Photo: Rahi Rezvani.

Auguste on PostscriptI really enjoyed dancing Postscript by Paul and Sol during my first season. Working with them in the studio one on one for this work alongside my partner Mikaela Kelly really made me grow and mature a lot in the way I should approach a rehearsal and suggestions from a choreographer. It was also very gratifying to feel that, during this process, I slowly started feeling like I had a place in NDT (this beautiful house that I had always dreamed of)  because through the entire beginning of my first season I was doubting myself my worth at NDT, and whether I had enough in me to bring anything in this house. It is also a work that we started performing right before the beginning of the pandemic, so I was really sad to let go of it when our Dutch tour got cancelled, because we could feel with Mikaela how after every show the piece evolved every time and matured!!

Auguste in 'The Big Crying' by Marco Goecke. Photo: Rahi Rezvani