Marco Goecke

Marco Goecke

Meet the man behind the groundbreaking choreographies

Marco Goecke has been creating work for NDT since 2008. Thanks to his distinct, idiosyncratic style, he is regarded as one of today’s most unique choreographic voices. In February, with In the Dutch Mountains, he presents his first full-length work for our company. A good time to dive deeper into his work.

Interview dramaturge Nadja Kadel

For Close Up we got a chance to talk about her work as a dramaturge and to shed light on this essential role within the creative process.


Photo: Rahi Rezvani

Documentary Thin Skin

The documentary Thin Skin made by Manon Lichtveld en Bas Westerhof in 2016 is an atmospheric and intimate portrait of the idiosyncratic German choreographer Marco Goecke. During a tour of Europe, visiting a number of important dance houses, the demons of the then 43-year-old Goecke become increasingly visible. They prove to be a heavy burden both mentally and physically, but at the same time they are also the driving force behind his unique and original dance language. “By transforming the fear demons into dance they dissolve they become visible and tangible and so they are transformed into beauty. That is the only reason why I create”, thus Goecke.


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Interview Podium Dans

For Podium Dans, Marco Goecke spoke about his work and the development of his unique dance vocabulary, his inspiration and perceptions, as well as granting us an intimate glimpse into his rehearsal process.


Want to see Marco Goecke's work in real life?

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Photo: Rahi Rezvani


A triple bill in which Marco Goecke takes you through his most personal work yet on the greatness of grieving. Finally to be seen live in theatres! With Cacti, Alexander Ekman reflects on dance as a high brow art form, with the highest goal of getting a cactus. And Andrew Skeels debuts at NDT with a world premiere. This programme will be accompanied live by Het Balletorkest.

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