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Choreographer Marcos Morau and the dancers of NDT 2 create a world premiere for the program The play between. In 2005 Morau founded the company La Veronal, a collective of artists in dance, film, photography and literature. Together with his team of dancers, Marcos Morau developed a specific movement language called KOVA. An abstract, counter-intuitive language where the dancers focus on the space and the body, connecting with shapes around them instead of emotions or feelings.

Do you want to know what this movement language looks like? Watch this video from La Veronal on ‘KOVA GEOGRAPHIC TOOLS’:

coronet inside out, a documentary about alan lucien Øyen 

This film from The Coronet Theater about choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen offers a fascinating insight into his work. Øyen shares fragments from his productions and talks about his creative process and how his works come about.

Recently, Øyen created his first work for NDT 1, Tell your mom you love your skin.

Trance Elation of Transformation/ Olive’s Dream by ndt 1 dancer charlie skuy

As mentioned in the previous Close Up, NDT 1 dancer Charlie Skuy regularly makes his own dance films. His latest film is an improvised work, for which he collaborated with Thalia Crymble (NDT 1), Jordan Pelliteri (former NDT 2) and NDT 2 dancers Emmitt Cawley, Nick Daniels and Sophie Whittome.

Sharon Eyal – Video

Sharon  Eyal forms a choreographer duo with Gai Behar. During the first program of this season, NDT 1 danced her Bedroom Folk.

In this video, the choreographer himself dances.


MuSIC FROM alan lucien Øyen’s tell your mom you love your skin 

Listen to the music used in this ballet for NDT 1.