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Tour Germany 2021

Marco Goecke The Big Crying
Johan Inger IMPASSE

NDT 2 travels to Bochum, Köln and Friedrichshafen, Germany for several performances. They will perform the acclaimed The Big Crying (2021) by Marco Goecke as well as IMPASSE (2020) by Johan Inger.

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“Those who know Marco Goecke’s works know that they always have to do with himself and with the time in which they were created. Perhaps The Big Crying is Goecke’s most personal piece, begun in Autumn 2020, shortly after the death of his father. It is a piece about parting and about everything we have to burn, says the choreographer, speaking of bodies that are like broken engines and of costumes that resemble the curtains of a hearse. It is not surprising that his choice of music includes a Death Lullaby; Blood Roses by the American singer Tori Amos whose music – sometimes confusing and not always comprehensible poetry is very close to Goecke’s dance – hits the mark. The fact that this piece nevertheless comes along with the tremendously fiery power of an entire company, nineteen outstanding dancers, is perhaps due to the fact that, despite all transience, the dance and the choreography celebrate the joy of life and the urge to be alive.” — Nadja Kadel

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How do we bridge the gap that grows as we stagnate? Our world today feels defined by a situation in which no progress seems possible. IMPASSE by Johan Inger illuminates that the baseline of human behavior is rooted in peer pressure and a loss of self, determined by a seduction of unending streams of “newness”. The piece problematizes the ease with which we seem to fall into what others say or do and how we lose the opportunity for fruitful growth in the process. Can we nurture the ability to seriously interrogate the world together, and find the capacity to reimagine it? Through a steady increase in the number of dancers on stage and a simultaneous decrease in the size of the performance space, IMPASSE demands a sense of urgency. Fluid movements and strong rhythms are translated by the young dancers of NDT 2 through moments of hysterical comic relief and manic isolation, indicating that together we should be stronger, alone we are less.

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'IMPASSE'. Dancer: Tess Voelker. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos.