Medhi Walerski

Medhi Walerski


Photo: Michael Slobodian

Former NDT dancer Medhi Walerski (1979, France) has danced with the company for more than a decade. In 2013 he was awarded the most important Dutch dance prize VSCD Zwaan 2013 for his role in School of Thought (León & Lightfoot). With Mammatus (2008) for NDT 2, the Frenchman made his official debut as a choreographer in the regular season’s programme, which was later also presented in Germany and Scotland. Furthermore he created Underneath (2008), Blink of an Eye (2011) and Chamber (2012) for NDT 1, the latter also being performed in Los Angeles in 2013. Walerski has created the work AUREUM (2015) for NDT 2 and GARDEN (2016) and SOON (2017) for NDT 1. Furthermore he created SWAY for the NDT 2 program Sierra Oscar Foxtrot Tango (2019).

After his education in classical ballet, modern dance and improvisation, Walerski joined the Paris Opéra Ballet and Ballet du Rhin in Mulhouse, France, as a professional dancer. In 2001 he continued his dance career with NDT 2 and moved up to NDT 1 in 2003.

As of 2009, Walerski works as a freelance choreographer for Bern ballet, Göteborg Ballet and Ballet BC. His choreographies Words failed me (Bern Ballet), LaLaLand (Göteborg Ballet together with Alexander Ekman) Petite Cérémonie and Prélude (Ballet BC) have earned him rave reviews.

Starting season 2020-2021, Medhi Walerski is artistic director of Ballet BC in Vancouver, Canada.