Audition form NDT Summer Intensive 2023


Please read the following carefully before filling in the audition form:

As the applications for female identifying applicants has reach it’s maximum, from Wednesday March 1st, 6 PM CET we will close the registration for female applicants. From then we can only accept non-binary and male identifying applicants.

Info about the audition procedure


Scholarship procedure

Terms & conditions

Do you still have questions after reading all of the information in above stated documents on  audition procedure, accommodation, scholarship procedure and terms & conditions? Please have a look at the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Registrations for the NDT Summer Intensive 2023 are closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I audition?

It is possible to audition for NDT Summer Intensive starting 24 January 2022 11.00 AM (Amsterdam local time). To audition for NDT Summer Intensive 2022, please fill out the audition form on our website using the registration button (available 24 January 2022). The deadline to send in your audition is 6 March 2022 17.00 PM (Amsterdam local time) or when we have reached the maximum of 300 registrations. Take into account that there is a maximum to the amount of auditions we accept. We advise you to send in a complete audition as soon as possible (after the registration opens) if you want to be considered.

To audition for NDT Summer Intensive 2022 we ask you fill in the registration form, send us an audition video and a headshot. You can find the criteria for the audition video and headshot here.

One of the criteria for the audition video is to add a max. 2 minute contemporary solo, does this need to be NDT repertoire?

No, this does not need to be NDT repertoire and can be repertoire of your choice. This could be a fragment of choreography that you learned in school or in training or it could be something that you created yourself. However, make sure that there are no other dancers in the video and that you are clearly and completely visible. This means that you have to show your chosen repertoire as a solo.  Please note: auditions that do not follow the description in this audition procedure will not be accepted. More information on the audition video criteria can be found in our audition procedure.

How much is the tuition and what does it cover?

The tuition for the course is €1200. It covers all the classes and extracurricular activities in the course. It doesn’t cover accommodation, food and travel. NDT offers affordable accommodation at The Student Hotel. More information on this can be found here.

In the unforeseen circumstance that the NDT SI 2022 is cancelled, am I eligible for a refund?

Yes, received payments for course fee and accommodation arranged by NDT will be refunded to all participants in case of a cancellation by NDT in case of force majeure. NDT cannot refund any invested travel costs. More information on terms & conditions can be found here.

Does NDT SI provide financial assistance and/or scholarships?

NDT Summer Intensive seeks to reduce inequalities and access in dance education. Therefore, no dancer should feel deterred from applying to NDT Summer Intensive due to lack of financial means. NDT offers scholarship possibilities for those dancers who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend. We can provide scholarships due to the generous support of sponsors and guest families. To apply for a scholarship, you need to inform us on your online registration form. For more information about how to apply for a Scholarship, please read the Scholarship Procedure.

Are there accommodations available to NDT SI participants?

NDT offers affordable accommodation at The Student Hotel centrally located and within close distance of our theatre. It’s optional to book the accommodation with us. You can indicate on your registration form if you would like NDT to reserve a room for you. Read more about this accommodation possibility here.

How many students are in each class?

There will be around 20 dancers in each group, with a total of three groups.   

Is there a COVID-19 vaccination, or COVID-19 test requirement needed to participate in NDT SI?

Though there are still numerous restrictions around the world on air travel and live performances, we are hoping that with the help of the increased distribution of the COVID-19 vaccination the NDT Summer Intensive 2022 can take place in-person. In that case, we will have to follow certain restrictions put in place by, the Dutch government, local authorities and medical institutions. To stay safe and healthy and to minimize the risks, all the staff are asked to adhere to strict guidelines, whatever they may be at the time of the Sumer Intensive. We also kindly ask all the participants to do the same.

We urge each participant to inform themselves on the most up-to-date travel regulations, which can differ from country to country. Attaining the required documents and/or tests are the responsibility of the participant. NDT can only issue proof of registration to defend the nature and destination of the traveler.

As required for most travels at the moment we also ask for a negative Covid-test result, no older than 72 hours or proof of a complete vaccination. This test can be a PCR or rapid antigen test and should be sent by e-mail and presented upon arrival at NDT’s reception.

Because of the pandemic, the restrictions, rules, and measures imposed by the Dutch government, local authorities, and medical institutions may be a subject to change before, and during the NDT Summer Intensive. We advise when planning your trip to consider flexible tickets, travel insurance or the purchase of a ticket that allows you to reschedule and/or attain a refund. Furthermore, please examine the quarantine and Covid-19 testing rules for your country of origin and the Netherlands during the planning of your air travel, and also before departing.

*Facemasks and the practice of social distancing are required of all participants