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Welcome to the performance of Young Talent Project 2022!

During this evening, the students, choreographers and team of this year’s Young Talent Project show what they have been working on in the studios of Royal Conservatoire Dance and Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT).

Young Talent Project 2022 took place from September until November. During this period, the students worked closely with dancers, teachers, choreographers and coaches affiliated with NDT to become acquainted with the company’s methods. Students from HBO 4 and the KCDE (The Royal Conservatoire Dance Ensemble), HBO 3 and AVO participated in the project.

The students work on learning NDT repertoire every year. This edition, the students rehearsed an excerpt from IMPASSE (2020) by Johan Inger, as well as Solo Echo (2012) by Crystal Pite.

In addition to the existing repertoire, the students worked on a new creation with two choreographers: Lea Ved and Parvaneh Scharafali.

We hope you enjoy the performance!

Photo: Sacha Grootjans
Rehearsal 'IMPASSE'. Photo: Sacha Grootjans

Solo Echo (2012)

Crystal Pite

Valentina Scaglia

Mariëtte Redel

Tom Visser

Loes Schakenbos

Crystal Pite, Joke Visser

Johannes Brahms
Sonata for Cello and Piano in E Minor, Op. 38: I. Allegro non troppo
Sonata for Cello and Piano in F Major, Op. 99: II. Adagio Affettuoso

Esmee Boevink, Annakha Flos, Boaz Molenkamp, Femmie Packbier, Floortje Steen, Alicia Vaseo, Annamarie Westrik

Senna Dewulf, Annakha Flos, Karin Jacobs, Pascalle Opentij, Alba Tarinas, Mao Ueda, Hinako Yukimoto

February 9, 2012, Lucent Danstheater, The Hague

Photo: Sacha Grootjans

growing up in A minor

Photo: Sacha Grootjans

Parvaneh Scharafali

Mariëtte Redel

Loes Schakenbos

Johan Sebastian Bach
Violin Concerto Nr.1 in A minor
BWV 1041: 2. Andante,Viktoria Mullova, The Mullova Ensemble (Decca UMP)

Thijs Scheele

Jasmijn Gorter, Jasey Harders, Salomé van ‘t Hoog, Ellyne Knol, Noah Prins, Floris Puts, Rosa Rotmans, Wouter Smit, Alessia Vogelzang

Rehearsal 'growing up in A minor' by Parvaneh Scharafali. Photo: Sacha Grootjans

Alessia Vogelzang:
growing up is not the same as getting older, it‘s more difficult. It is finding out who you are…and what you want, realising what we need and what we need to leave behind…

Jasey Harders:
What do I remember from my childhood?
I remember watching the movie Frozen, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen times!

Let it go, Let it go, Let it go

Rosa Maria Elisabeth Rotmans:
When I was younger I really wanted to be a hairdresser and me and my friend had big plans to open our own Salon. Now I‘m still busy with my hair every day trying to not make my head look like an egg with a bun in.
I want to remember a specific moment where I think I grew up but I don’t think there is, I just grew because I got older.

Jasmijn Gorter:
I don’t know when I grew up.
Was it when I could first bike alone after dark?
I never liked cheese, until a year ago, now I love it.

A while ago I decided to keep some plants in my room, and surprisingly they are still alive. It gives me a sense of responsebillity and happines to take care of something. And to see how they keep growing.

Wouter Smit:
I feel like I am in a lost and found basket,
a lost object
floating between groups, ranks, relationships.
A puzzle where the last piece is missing
feeling tied and at the same time…free.

Ellyne Knol:
I remember when I was little, I went to Paris. I wore a headband with a massive blue flower on it. I tried to count every step as I climbed up the Eiffel Tower. Growing up is scary. You don’t realise it’s happening but when you look back, you realise how much older you have gotten.
My name is Ellyne. Ellyne.

Noah Prins:
I was 5 when it dawned on me that my parents have other names than just papa and mama.
I think I’m not grown up yet,
I’m kind of scared of it, I hope that I don’t notice myself growing up.

Floris Puts:
Right now I am at this age of becoming an adult, which sounds really weird to me because I feel like I am still this little boy. And I am still growing up and learning every day so much. So it’s really weird to think that I am almost 18 and an adult. So ya, that’s where I am at at this moment, ”growing up” into this person that I want to become.

Salomé van ‘t Hoog:
When I think back to my childhood I think about the days when every night after dinner I gave a dance performance for my whole family.
I remember the day my sister was born I felt so proud when I got to hold her for the first time and that I could say that I am her sister.

everywhere, falling petals

Lea Ved

Isabelle Chaffaud

Valentin Sosnitskiy – guitar
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou – The Homeless Wanderer
Tim Hecker – No Drums

Loes Schakenbos

Esmee Boevink, Senna Dewulf, Annakha Flos, Karin Jacobs, Boaz Molenkamp, Pascalle Opentij, Femmie Packbier, Floortje Steen, Alba Tarinas, Mao Ueda, Alicia Vaseo, Annamarie Westrik, Hinako Yukimoto

Photo: Sacha Grootjans
Photo: Sacha Grootjans

everywhere, falling petals

the generous winds and currents of the days, ruffling our insides as much as our hair. we fly, we fly, until we land, and even then the scent of soaring tickles our nose. and how will we ever exist in future land without this simple knowing? in the deep silence and dark in the night. i thought of the jungle of smoke debris left by the brightness and lure of our fireworks. i think we are both of those. the flashes of light and the dull but still glowing aftermath. im fine with that.

thank you to all these young artists and Isabelle for this experience together of collaboration, question, and discovery.

Lea Ved

IMPASSE (2020)

Photo: Sacha Grootjans

Johan Inger

Jesse Callaert, Isla Clarke

Ibrahim Maalouf – Lily, Will Soon Be a Woman,
Maeva in the Wonderland, Your Soul, Never Serious.

Loes Schakenbos

Mabelle Westrik (solo)
Lila Berkenbosch (duet)
Max de Graaf (duet)
Fiene Heijmans, Aaron de Lamotte, Marla Molenaar, Ezra Polderman, Linde van Raaij, Simon van Schothorst, Katinka Verouden, Tijmen Zuurmond

Linde van Raaij (solo)
Fiene Heijmans (duet)
Simon van Schothorst (duet)
Lila Berkenbosch, Max de Graaf, Aaron de Lamotte, Marla Molenaar, Ezra Polderman, Katinka Verouden, Mabelle Westrik, Tijmen Zuurmond

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Photography by Sacha Grootjans

During the Young Talent Project, photographer Sacha Grootjans made beautiful photos of all the rehearsals.

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