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We haven’t said enough | NDT 2


Fernando Hernando Magadan

Artistic Leader NDT 2

Dear audience,

As a response to the recent live-performance cancelation in the Netherlands and with the never-ending desire to keep connecting with you, we are very excited to be presenting this additional NDT 2 live stream program, We haven’t said enough.

After the tremendous success of Marco Goecke’s most recent and personal creation, The Big Crying, the vibrant young artists of NDT 2 will once again give you the chance to experience it! Created soon after the passing of Marco’s father, the work touches on inevitable parting and everything we are meant to lose, yet simultaneously celebrates the joy and urge to be alive through the exhilarating dance of all nineteen members of this company.

We are also excited to bring you back IMPASSE by one of our longtime collaborators, Johan Inger. This work premiered in March 2020, right before the closure of the theatres – which is why very few people have had the chance to experience it. For this occasion, we bring it back to you through an enhanced live stream experience. The piece problematizes the ease with which we seem to fall into what others say or do and how we lose the opportunity for fruitful growth in the process, and invites us to reflect on how today’s world is defined by a situation in which no progress seems possible.

Once again, I want to thank everyone at NDT for their remarkable determination and endless courage which has fueled us through this unusual season.

And of course, thank you, our audience, for continuing to connect with us and support us by tuning in online. We hope to see you back with us in theatres very soon.

Enjoy the performance!

Fernando Hernando Magadan
Artistic leader NDT 2

The Big Crying

“Those who know Marco Goecke’s works know that they always have to do with himself and with the time in which they were created. Perhaps The Big Crying is Goecke’s most personal piece, begun in Autumn 2020, shortly after the death of his father. It is a piece about parting and about everything we have to burn, says the choreographer, speaking of bodies that are like broken engines and of costumes that resemble the curtains of a hearse. It is not surprising that his choice of music includes a Death Lullaby; Blood Roses by the American singer Tori Amos whose music – sometimes confusing and not always comprehensible poetry is very close to Goecke’s dance – hits the mark. The fact that this piece nevertheless comes along with the tremendously fiery power of an entire company, nineteen outstanding dancers, is perhaps due to the fact that, despite all transience, the dance and the choreography celebrate the joy of life and the urge to be alive.” — Nadja Kadel



MUSIC: Rorogwela: Death Lullaby; Electricity feat. Fire Eater: Indlela Yababi; Extreme Music From Africa (Susan Lawly, 1997).
Tori Amos: Beauty Queen, Marianne (arranged by John Philip Shenale), Blood Roses, In the springtime of his voodoo, Bells ‘For Her’. Published by Downtown Music Publishing. (P) Atlantic Recording Corporation, A Warner Music Group Company. Losing my Religion. Published by Night Garden Music.

SOUND EDITING: Jesse Callaert


LIGHT: Udo Haberland

DECOR & COSTUMES: Marco Goecke

WORLD PREMIERE: March 18, 2021, Zuiderstrandtheater The Hague

DURATION: 30 minutes

Photo: Rahi Rezvani. Dancer: Ivo Mateus.
Photo: Rahi Rezvani. Dancers: Mikaela Kelly, Jesse Callaert.


“How do we bridge the gap that grows as we stagnate? Our world today feels defined by a situation in which no progress seems possible. IMPASSE by Johan Inger illuminates that the baseline of human behavior is rooted in peer pressure and a loss of self, determined by a seduction of unending streams of “newness”. The piece problematizes the ease with which we seem to fall into what others say or do and how we lose the opportunity for fruitful growth in the process. Can we nurture the ability to seriously interrogate the world together, and find the capacity to reimagine it? Through a steady increase in the number of dancers on stage and a simultaneous decrease in the size of the performance space, IMPASSE demands a sense of urgency. Fluid movements and strong rhythms are translated by the young dancers of NDT 2 through moments of hysterical comic relief and manic isolation, indicating that together we should be stronger, alone we are less.”


STAGED BY: Fernando Hernando Magadan, Hedda Twiehaus

MUSIC: Compositions by Ibrahim Maalouf: Lily, Will Soon Be a Woman, Maeva in the Wonderland, Your Soul, Never Serious.
New composition by Amos Ben-Tal.

LIGHT: Tom Visser


DECOR: Johan Inger

COSTUMES: Bregje van Balen

VIDEO: Annie Tådne

WORLD PREMIERE: February 28, 2020, Zuiderstrandtheater The Hague

DURATION: 25 minutes

Photo: Joris-Jan Bos. Dancers: Jesse Callaert, Jordan Pelliteri.
Photo: Joris-Jan Bos. Dancers: Annika Verplancke, Kiran Bonnema, Cassandra Martin.

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Jesse callaert on The big Crying:

“Being in the studio with Marco means surrendering to a wave of extreme intensity, emotion, love and vulnerability. Like a sculptor he finesses our bodies and their abilities through the lens of his experiences and personality. Creating with Marco feels like coming home after a long journey. He was the first choreographer I had the chance to work with 4 years ago when I joined the company and this current creation is the last one I will share with NDT 2. Home isn’t just the place where you return, but a place where the masks come off, where there is no pretending. That notion of home as well as feelings of nostalgia have been very close to me while interpreting Marco’s vernacular throughout this process. I believe that we all share the responsibility to translate and transform his words and desires into art that is raw, beautiful, profound and exhilarating.”

Kenedy Kallas on the big crying

“It has been a beautiful and unique experience stepping into Marcos universe. Marco creates an open atmosphere that allows you to be your most raw and honest  self. Pain, desire and love are just a few of the deep emotions you feel within his work, which is portrayed with extreme and intricate physicality.

I am beyond thankful to have been given the chance to get to know Marco and to have worked with him during this process.”

Cassandra martin on impasse:

“We live in a world where capitalism pushes the idea of novelty and constant need for validation through consumerism. Johan Inger challenges this by seducing the audience into falling for this idea right alongside the characters of the piece, until we realize we have burned the bridges behind us and can no longer go back. In the studio, Johan created a fantastic environment where innovation and creativity were taken to their end points – where absurdity was the goal – to demonstrate how easily we fall for the trap and find ourselves at an impasse. He questions what needs to change now, so we don’t see our future completely lost. I am personally so excited to touch on this piece once again, this time with a new understanding, realizing how Covid-19 has forced humanity take a step back and inspect the systems in place that lead us to the pandemic in the first place.”

kele roberson on impasse:

IMPASSE takes you on a journey of contrasts from start to finish, which has truly made it a wonderful challenge to undertake. You are first introduced to a carefree simplicity and familiarity, perhaps in an ideal sense, only to suddenly be drawn into a world of increasing extravagance and indulgence- where there is no such thing as too much.

This process created the space for a constant research in limits, extremities/absurdities in situation and character. On this canvas, the range of colors we are able to paint with is endless.”