Donnie Duncan Jr.

Donnie Duncan Jr.

My compelling desire for movement is intertwined with my desire to connect with other human beings. Performing has always been a way for me to have a positive or constructive influence on the viewer, while also being a moment for me to release energy, ask questions and dare I say, get lost in my own processing.

My wish for audience members is that they leave the theatre having felt something new within themselves in response to being a witness. That this witnessing may lead them to welcome new things into their lives, ultimately enriching their experience. I hope to continue contributing to the beauty of live performance and its endless possibilities. – Donnie


Date of birth
27 April 1995

Place of birth
Carbondale, Illinois, USA

African American

Webster University [2013 – 2017]

Professional experience
dawsondanceSF [2015 – 2017]
Kambré Contemporary Dance Company [2014 – 2017]
Williams/Henry Contemporary Dance Company [2015 – 2017]
NDT 2 since August 2017
Joined NDT 1 in August 2019

Donnie with Chloé Albaret in 'Baby don't hurt me' (2021) by Imre van Opstal & Marne van Opstal. Photo: Rahi Rezvani.
In 'Bella Figura' (1995) by Jiří Kylián. Photo: Joris-Jan Bos.