NDT’s project Uitblinkers! is specially created for talented kids aged 7-12 who show high potential in areas such as body awareness, creativity, self-confidence and musicality.

Participants in the project are given the opportunity to discover and develop their own unique talent. Key elements of the project include personal attention and guidance, while the idea is also to get pupils’ parents involved. Through dance workshops and personal meetings with our employees, participants and their parents discover NDT in a variety of ways.

Over the course of a season, participants in this special project gather once a month on a Saturday at NDT for a morning session. During each of these morning sessions NDT will welcome the participants in the inspiring setting of our own theatre, where they are offered a special activity to nurture and hone their talent. Participants and their families will also get to attend a NDT performance once every season.

Every child should have the opportunity to participate in Uitblinkers!  Participation in the project is free if you have an Ooievaarspas. If you do not have an Ooievaarspas, but if the course fee is an obstacle to participating, NDT offers the possibility to have the contribution financed for you. Contact us for more information about the conditions.

Taster mornings canceled

Unfortunately, we must inform you that we have decided to cancel the taster mornings scheduled for June 5, 12, and 19, 2021. We had to make this decision, among others, due to the uncertainty as to whether we can receive participants in our studios in June, taking into account the RIVM measures. By taking this decision now, we hope to be able to provide clarity in time and limit unnecessary preparations and risks.
For the value of the mornings, the idea of ​​meeting and getting to know each other, we choose not to organize a digital version of the taster mornings either.

We are now going to consider a new plan for the upcoming season. As soon as there is more clarity about this, we will notify you. Would you like to be kept informed of developments? Mail to talent.educatie@ndt.nl.  Hopefully we can invite everyone again soon to get acquainted with the project Uitblinkers!

Florianne has always enjoyed joining in Uitblinkers, she is proud that she belonged to this group. It is a special program, with enthusiastic people in an ambitious atmosphere.

Anouk mom of an Uitblinker