Requesting workshops


In addition to the recurring workshops and projects organized for dance talent, we can, in consultation, compile activities that meet the specific requests of groups that are affiliated with a professional dance institute. The range of activities consists of various workshops (improvisation/NDT repertoire), a tour behind the scenes, a meeting with one of the dancers of our company and a visit to a performance. A combination of activities can also be arranged by mutual agreement.

Other countries

Discover the dance language of the choreographers of NDT and get inspired by meeting our company in person in your own city! During the tours abroad of NDT 1 and NDT 2, workshops are organized in which talented dancers get the opportunity to work with the versatile repertoire of NDT. Together with one of the dancers of NDT, you will experience the program of the tour yourself.

We enjoyed everything – the workshop and of course the performance. It was stunning to see the same coreography on the stage that we had the chance to learn in the studio.

Tallinn Ballet School